Friday, October 14, 2011

RAW / Guest Post :: Photos by Fenn

Hey, y'all, I'm Fenna Blue, and I write over at Short Girl Blogs. I'm super excited to have a guest post here this week!

This past weekend, I headed off to Baltimore for Hi-De-Hon, Baltimore's lindy exchange. A lindy exchange is a ridiculously fun weekend where tons of dancers from all over, converge on one town and dance for many, many hours. Generally, the schedule goes something like: Friday dance 8-midnight, Friday late night 1a-5a, Saturday afternoon 1p-5p, Saturday night 8p-midnight, Saturday late night 1a-5a, Sunday afternoon 1p-5p, and Sunday night 9p-midnight. Some towns, like Baltimore will have a weekly dance just before or after the weekend, so you can tack on EVEN MORE dancing! (Baltimore has a Monday night dance, and so I went.)

I've been dancing lindy hop and other swing dances for 15 years now, and I just love it. It's been only the last three-ish years, that I've been photographing swing dancers. I think photographing dance is one of my favorite things...maybe. I don't know, it's hard to say. I just love photographing people, which is why I do so much of it. You can check out all my junk at, my website (also designed by me, woo!).


This was Baltimore's second lindy exchange and the first time I was able to attend, and I had so much fun! I've been dancing in D.C. and Annapolis and knew some of the peeps I would meet, but not all of them. Baltimore had some great venues. I think my absolute fave was the Saturday afternoon dance, waterfront, in Fell's Point, an historic neighborhood. It was warm, sunny, and just beautiful. The brick pavement was not an ideal dancing service, but the djs knew just what pace of tunes to spin to make dancing easiest for us.


Overall, the weekend was just jam packed with tons of fun, meeting new people, great music, yummy food, hanging with older friends, and dancing a TON! I had a total blast...BUT, I did even more!


Some friends of mine who are also dancers hired me to photograph them. We decided that it would be the best weather option, fit into our schedules the best, and be the most convenient for me to photograph them on the Monday following the weekend. This week is their fourth anniversary, and I just really enjoyed helping them celebrate by providing amazing photos.

We started at this awesome little park in their neighborhood. Oh man, it's so pretty. It has views of the city and this little pagoda and nasty little fountain. (The fountain is cute from far away, but notsomuch close up.) Plus, since these two are dancers, they made the most fun shapes!


Then we changed and headed out to the Chesapeake Bay for some beachy photos. Everything started off all cute and pretty...


...and then it got messy!



The weekend was jam packed full of awesomeness, and I was just go, go, going every second, but I loved every minute of it.


  1. That looks like soooo much fun!! And that shot of you throwing the paint is pretty cool lol! I need to see if they have something like this going on around where I live!

    Awesome guest post :D

  2. Yeah, that shoot was a blast! There was a lot of giggling and laughing.

    Where are you located? I can link some info about dancing in your area...I may even have danced there.

  3. So very awesome. You brought back memories of my Lindy days, I danced anywhere from 3 to 7 days a week. I LOVED it! Thank you for sharing:)

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  5. lovely photos, so funny and sweet!

  6. Gorgeous, creative, and energetic photos as always :)


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