Thursday, October 13, 2011

RAW / Guest Post :: Skinnies by Kimberly

A Curvy Girl & Her Skinny Jeans

Hi, Loudmouth readers! My name is Kimberly and I write the blog a little bit of this... I was so excited for the opportunity to guest post for Stephanie this week! I've been collecting photos in a folder of all the times I've worn my skinny jeans over the past few months because as a curvier girl, I find it really difficult to "allow" myself to wear skinnies. Fortunately, the world of personal style blogging has showed me that as long as I love it and it fits well, I can probably pull it off. I'm here to show you a few of my favorite outfits including my most beloved pair of Charlotte Russe skinny jeans. I'm now a total believer than any woman can pull these babies off.

I wore my skinny jeans casually for the new fall weather.

I wore my skinny jeans to casual Friday at work.

I wore my skinny jeans for date night with hubs.

I wore my skinny jeans for a girl's evening out.

I wore my skinny jeans with a fitted top...

Because I decided showing off all my curves isn't a bad thing.

So, basically, the little photo captions serve as post-its to myself. I have to remind myself that I CAN wear this trend. I CAN look pretty in something that was marketed to size 2 ladies. I CAN wear whatever I feel good in. These jeans have become an unexpected staple in my closet and I'm so happy I finally got brave enough to try them on. Ladies, wear what you love!


  1. i really love this. kimberly, i love your attitude. so excited to check out your blog. xxoo

  2. Thanks, Gabrielle! 90% of our style is our confidence and attitude. Don't you think? Happy Friday!!! (in my land, at least!)

  3. Kimberly, you have a perfect figure. Rock those skinnies :)

  4. I love LOVE seeing more women embrace who they are. We are so much more than a size, a number. Our contribution to the world, our beauty is not limited to the prison cell of a number. Thank you.
    :) f

  5. You know when skinny jeans first came out I was just horrified, but now I'm starting to get used to the idea. I have a pair of ALMOST skinny denim jeans, and I just purchased a pair or real skinny skinny jeans in RED! So I do think anyone can wear them and you look great in yours!



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