Monday, November 14, 2011

Look :: I'm in love...

...with this sweatshirt.

GOTCHA! Right? Didn't I? Okay, at least pretend I did. With all this talk about romance I couldn't help but tease ya!

But it's true, I really do adore penguins. I mentioned this shirt here and when I said I needed it, I wasn't joking. I'm so excited for Happy Feet Two and you'd best believe I'll be sporting this number. What's your favorite animal? I'm dying to know...

Outfit details: Sweatshirt - Rainbow Swirlz. Skirt - Forever 21. Tights, stacking rings - Ann Taylor. Braided belt (used as headband), camera ring - Modcloth. Exclamation point ring - Wendy Brandes. Shoes - Family Dollar. Hilariously short PJ pants - Borrowed from Bryn.

PS: I've gotten some lovely comments on my glasses lately -- thank you! The ones I wear regularly are from a wonderful company called Warby Parker and they are prescription :)


  1. Hahaha...I love the sweatshirt!!! I have a few I live in on the weekends...cute rings too!!!

    Happy Monday!!!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Love this look! So cute!

  3. I'm just going to make a list of all the things I love: a) Love your outfit, b) Love the way you style your hair and make it look sweet and effortless, c) Love your new glasses! d) Just decided you have the best hands ever, e) All of the above & more!

    My fave animals are raptors but I'm partial to all kinds of critters:)
    xoxo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  4. hahaha Wine is indeed how classy people get wasted lol

    Im loving that top!! & my favorite animal is of course Owls :D

  5. oh i love those cute rings and your adorable sweater.

    can't wait to see Happy Feet 2!

  6. Well, it is a fab sweatshirt! My fourite animals are cats, but I am also partial to penguins. My husband and his then flatmates used to be totally obsessed with them, they had all sorts of carzy pensguin related shit in their flat. We still have a few of the penguins now!

  7. Loving your whole look! But I think it's mostly your fun attitude, and I love penguins too! So cute!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Love the oufit and your blog!

    As an aside, I have a blogging opportunity that I think you may be interested in. I've looked all over this site for an email address and cannot find one anywhere!

    Is there any way you could shoot me an email at

    -Jenna Brooke

  9. monkeys by are my favorite ever. its also the nickname for my bf. mark -> marky -> monkey. very natural. they have become a houseohld mascot. i also love owls, octopussy and elephants.

  10. Tsk, I thought you were talking about your nail polish! My favorite animals are big cats, for sure.


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