Saturday, November 26, 2011

Look + Lunch :: Blue Hue + Orange Tofu

Outfit details: Sweater, cardigan, necklace, bracelet, pumps - Ann Taylor. Hat, jeans - Forever 21. Gloves, tee - Target.

I love when Kimberly picks new places for us to go out, and Summer Canteen was no exception. I tend to order Pad See Ew at every Thai restaurant in order to compare, but I decided to think outside the box a couple weeks ago and got orange tofu with deliciously purple rice.

Our dinner was followed by martinis at Lucy's 51 at which Bryn joined us for girl talk and giggles. ;) The decor was beautifully leopard and red, with mirrors on the walls and chandeliers on the ceiling! Fun.


  1. I love the blue hue to your photos. Those leopard pumps are fabulous. Blue and orange are two of my favorite colors this season. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of them. Looks like you girls had a great time.

  2. I love how red looks on you. You have this creamy white skin tone with the dark hair, a little like katy perry.

  3. ive never tried orange tofu, i think im going to love it.

  4. this was a super fun outing the bar shots are really awesome seeing as how freaking dark it was in there. Those fortune cookies were bunk! fortune confused statements? terrible. Love you

  5. Okay!! Things I have to add to my "Must Try" list....ORANGE TOFU!! it looks delicious :D

    & I am loving those shoes!

  6. Love your leopard pumps and those gloves are fabulous!


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