Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Life :: Phone Photos

I may not have iPhones and Instagrams and whatever else the cool kids are playing with these days, but I'm pretty excited that I have a new phone for the first time in years: the Samsung Solstice II Touchscreen. I'm still working out the kinks, but I do know how to take pictures. (I'm slightly technologically challenged, so this is an accomplishment.) Without further ado, here's a little roundup!

Our story begins here at the AT&T store.

This is what I call 'adult vanilla cherry coke.'

Kimberly lookin' so cute on this day!

First car wash in six months... yeah, let's move on.

Cupcakes at Sweet Harts. ♥ So yummy.

Just the best breakfast burrito ever! It's our daily tradition at work.

So classic!

A little Caribou Lou for you.

More cupcakes...

My horoscope. Yes, I check it!

Driving my dream car at work... :)

And, lastly... a cute picture of my family that my mom sent. Love!


  1. We must be attached at the hip or something :)

    wheres your pabst blue ribbon can and popcorn?

    have a great week!!!

  2. The cupcakes look delicious... You don't need an iPhone to take great phone pics!

  3. We should form a club for people who don't have instagram.

    Have you ever heard of rollip? It's an editing software that you would love. xo


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