Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guest Post :: How to stay sane during the holidays


Our first guest post this week is by the lovely Laura of For Those About to Shop! I love her blog because she dares to tackle subjects that may be controversial and create discussion. Her contribution here is no exception -- read on for her take on keeping happy today.

This season more than ever it seems as though people are railing against the stress and spending of the holidays and opting for serenity and solitude instead. Many are avoiding the shops altogether as they buy everything online. With deliveries guaranteed by Christmas Eve, why would anyone bother with the mall? I see stores like The Body Shop literally giving away items (BOGO gone mad) and people ruthlessly slashing their Christmas gift giving lists. It’s no longer enough to be a relative: you have to really mean something to somebody to get a gift from them.

I reduced my gift list exponentially this year and although it will be a little uncomfortable when I receive a present and don’t have one to give in return I’m staying strong in my conviction that love is not found in gift-wrapped packages. That’s not to say it isn’t delightful to receive a well-considered gift, but when that gift is given out of obligation and served with a side order of resentment, I’d rather not have it…or give it. Besides, we’re adults; if we want something don’t we go out and buy it for ourselves? Or lament the fact that we can’t afford to?

Family time is a joy for some and a hell for others. I’m going to suggest that if you are in the latter camp, you set limits around the number of hours you spend with people who may not have your best interests at heart. I’m also suggesting that simply because someone shares your DNA does not mean they are beneficial to your well-being.

Tara Merino of Elegant Femme challenged her viewers to set an intention for their holiday and make that theme a priority. Mine was “Friends” and I’ve taken a huge pledge to spend Christmas dinner with my friends rather than my family. (I haven’t abandoned my kids; they spend Christmas morning with me and evening with their dad.) Christmas night with friends is a first for me and a huge step which I know will cause someone in my family to criticize and talk trash about me. But, guess what? My happiness is not dependent on what other people think; not even those who share my DNA.

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 2 from Tara Marino on Vimeo.


  1. We really only did gifts with the immediate fam and a few other people.... and I am talking like 4 other people. Seriously.

    My husband and I also spent the holiday just the two of us.... perfect after a particularly hectic year.

  2. I love family time! It was just hubby & me this christmas though.



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