Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Post :: Klout or Crap? The Mystery of Klout

I recently jumped into a little twitter debate about Klout. If you're asking yourself "what is klout?" then first let me explain...Klout is an online service that measures your online influence. You sign into Klout using your twitter account then add any other social media accounts you may have. It then calculates a score between 1 and 100 to measure your influence online. So every time you get a new follower or someone retweets your tweet it has an impact on your klout. While you can add different social media accounts it does seem heavily impacted by twitter.

What's the point and what's your beef?

At the last IFB conference one of the panelists mentioned getting your klout score up to at least 50. The reason behind this advice was that more and more companies will be looking towards your klout score to determine whether or not to collaborate with you. If you're keen on monetizing your blog then essentially you should be taking an interest in your klout score.

However, I've had klout for a while and I've seen my score go up and down more times than the Dow Jones, from as low as 40 to as high as 55. The most frustrating thing is that I have no idea why it's gone up or gone down when it's moved.

There were similar issues that were echoed on twitter, after I jumped in to the debate I found more and more bloggers jumping in to express their hate for the service. This stemmed from a range of things, from the mystery behind how it actually calculates your score, to the fact it only ever seems to go up if you literally live on twitter and post 24/7. Others were disheartened that celebrities by virtue of being a celebrity had a massive score.

I think this could be quite easily sorted if they just told us in a simple, straight forward way, how to improve your score. Then anyone who is genuinely interested in increasing it knows exactly what to do. At the moment it's like taking a shot in the dark.

The sentiments amongst the bloggers that had joined the debate were that they had given up on it all together. Which for a company still in beta is a bit worrying, if the trend continues then it could be irrelevant before it even gets going.

Are you on Klout? If you are I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.

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  1. I'm on Klout and I like it :)
    I completely understand your frustration with the score going up and down, mine did that as well from 48 to a 44 to a 51 in like two weeks. That's because they changed their algorithm of calculating your score. Also, your score is heavily influenced by twitter because they still haven't fully developed the calculation of the other social media platforms. They just recently started calculating facebook and a couple of other platforms (Although you could have synched them together a while back).

    You're totally right, companies look at a Klout score to judge a blogger. To a certain extent, I can obviously see why this would be helpful for them, but on the other hand, klout will say you're an influencer of X (something you really don't know about) just because you mentioned it in your tweet a couple of times. (It could be a word that's just mentioned in a twitter convo you're having...)

    Conclusion: I think it's a great tool for bloggers and business alike, it just needs to be a bit more transparent with how it's actually calculating your score.

  2. I have a klout. I liked it at first, but no matter what I do my score will not go up. It is stuck in limbo.

    And it isn't effected by how many followers I gain or re-tweets I get. t's just stuck. Truly annoying!

    I also hate the topics it gives you. The one's that tell you what you are most influential about. One of my topics is Dolls! I've never talked about Dolls in my effing life!

  3. love this. as much as i dont get klout and exactly what metrics it uses to calculate my influence, i am unreasonably obsessed with checking it and seeing it change. it's completely arbitrary and obscure- one of the topics i am influential in is football and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I dont think I have mentioned either of those topics once. Perhaps they are all just playing a big joke on us by making us feel completely inadequate? either way, im going to check it daily and stress out.



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