Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Post :: A peek into antique-ing

Hi everybody!!

I'm Stephanie of Life and its Other Drugs & I am honored to be guest posting for Steph to celebrate this milestone. CONGRATULATIONS on your One Year Blogiversary doll! (Quick little fact.. She's the reason I started blogging.) I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with your family as I am, but before we get started I feel obligated to warn you... I tend to ramble.

It being the holidays and all, I decided to guest post about my favorite thing to do during this time of year: antiquing! (Another quick fact... this is my first ever guest post. Nerve racking!) I recently moved back to New York and antique shops are not lacking in my area. It seems like there is one on every corner. It's like one big treasure hunt & I always find something that I fall in love with. You are able to find a gift to suit anyone's taste in an antique shop... or you can just get yourself something, which I do quite often if I am being honest. This particular shop had items from the 18th and 19th century that I was absolutely stoked about! Vintage cameras for all you photographers and vintage clothing for all you fashionistas. I was able to snap shots of a few items I was eyeing... but of course my camera dies just when it's getting good!

This particular shop has two floors, so by the time my camera died I only covered about 15% of the whole store. To say I was irked was an understatement. Nevertheless I digress, these are a couple of the items I was coveting before my camera died.

To many who don't like antiquing might find this old looking... but to me it was a treasure. I have a two year old baby sister & this would have been absolutely perfect for her. She adores horses, so I am definitely heading back to pick this up for her.

Of course these pieces caught my eye. I love furniture that has a cottage feel to it. More cozy and homey.

Have you noticed that I'm a tad bit obsessed with furniture?? I didn't realize it until now (and this is how you know you are getting older... when you enjoy antiquing, instead of clubbing). Whatever the case, I believe that the way you style your home is an extension of yourself and should reflect your personality in every way... even if your taste is all over the place like mine.

Um... One question?? How could you not love this?!?

My sister & I just happen to be major Marilyn Monroe fans... so she may or may not get this for Christmas. It depends on if I keep it for myself. (Is that selfish?? I hope I don't find a lump of coal waiting for me under the Christmas tree!)

...and of course this is just too perfect! I'm going back to pick it up later this week. It would be perfect in my baby sister's room!

With the store being so big, it was very convenient that there was a cute little diner located in a small corner of the shop... however, I must stop calling it a shop. It is way to big to be considered a shop. It's as big as a department store.

This is by far my favorite antique shop! There were carolers in the store that made it really feel like Christmas, despite the lack of snow outside. They even had a screening of "A Christmas Carol" and everyone working in the shop was dressed in costumes to represent that time period. It was quite whimsical and I enjoyed it so much.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well as my post! Again, thank you Stephanie for allowing me contribute & congrats! You are inspiring!

Happy Blogging -

The Other Steph!


  1. I wish I could join you. Maybe I'll ship myself out there--- I'm quite certain I could fit in a box. It's one of my special skills listed on my resume.

  2. Ooohhhh.... I would love to go antiquing right now! Traditionally the day after Christmas we do some shopping (today was no exception!), but maybe we need to add some antiquing into the day after the day after Christmas!


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