Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post :: These boots were made for walking

Ever just fall in love with something, I mean really fall in love? Like with a new pair of boots?

Hi, I'm Fabienne. I'm visiting from The House in the Clouds and I'm a boot girl. I just fell in love and can't stop gushing.

Boots are my go-to shoes all winter long. I'm going to show you today all the ways that I've been styling my new black over-the-knee boots. These babies were an impulse buy on Rue La La. I'd been coveting a pair of over-the-knee boots for a couple years but had yet to find a suitable pair.

Enter the sale. Taunted by more than 50% off, I knew I had to hit the "buy" button before they sold out. I ordered two pairs of the snakeskin-patterned boots, one in my size and one a half size up. I had never worn Kelsi Dagger before so I wasn't sure what the fit would be like. Turns out the boots are true to size. They're flat, which means I can wear them all day, and the next, and so on. They look hot over the knee, they look sassy folded down. I've worn them with skirts, pants and dresses. Take a look for yourself.

Daily outfit, wearing nude lace fishnets, navy blue babydoll, cloche hat, kelsi dagger boots

Daily outfit, wearing lime green jacket, black kelsi dagger boots, scarf, black skinny jeans

Daily outfit, wearing kelsi dagger boots with neutral skirt, black top, beige snood, mocha tights

Daily outfit, wearing white angora kangol cap, white caplet, purple cardigan, black skinny jeans, black kelsi dagger boots
Daily outfit, wearing violet tights, purple box top, recycled sweater skirt, purple burnout scarf, black kelsi dagger boots

As you can see, they look good with everything. I haven't stopped wearing them since I bought them in mid-November. Can you tell I'm obsessed? Wouldn't you be?

I still have the size 8, by the way and am selling them. I accidentally scuffed the bottom of one the soles and can't return them, they're otherwise brand new in box. Interested? I've listed them on Poshmark. You can see all my listings under "fabiennej."

Poshmark is an iPhone/iPad app that enables you to buy and sell your clothes, shoes and accessories. Download the app and check it out. I'm warning you though, it can be addicting! You wouldn't believe how much stuff I've bought to date. I'm a big fan of giving good clothes a second life.

I'm always honored to be a guest of Stephanie's. I hope you've enjoyed my visit. Come by The House in the Clouds and say "hi"!




  1. Oh girl, I know. I wear my cowboy boots EVERYDAY, with everything.

  2. Thanks for having me sweetheart! Happy birthday, too!

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  5. great look, i love the over the knee boots combination .


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