Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lessons :: The Impact of Attitude

Sometimes I write about lessons I've learned the hard way. Click for my take on keeping the glass half full, living the dream, detours and deadlines, why I blog and what it means to live loudly.

One of the greatest compliments I've ever been given was when someone called me the most positive person she knew. This was flattering because I'd worked hard to get to that point in my emotional health, just as someone works hard to maintain good physical health.

Overall, I'm a happy person and I love my life, but I still have days when I feel like everything sucks and I throw myself a pity party minus the balloons. In fact, I'm having one right now. As I type this, I'm eating a microwave meal on my bed in my messy room.

What I'm thinking is... I wish I had the time and energy to cook. Or the money to go get myself a nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Or a personal chef to cook for me. Or a boy to cook for me. Or a boy to cuddle with me right now because it's freezing in here. Or a heater. Or the money for a heater. And with that money I would actually pay someone to clean my room because I can't even see the floor.

What I should be thinking is... It's so nice to sit here and relax after a long day at work. I deserve this! I'm grateful to have food in my belly and a comfy bed to sleep in and so many clothes that they spill from the closet to the floor. I love having my own place and being independent and self-supporting. I adore the smell of candles, the warmth of my PJs and the excitement of working on a new blog post.

Guess what? I'm already feeling better, just from writing that. Simply changing your mindset, your attitude, the way you think about things... it'll change your mood and in turn, your life. My boss at work said 'if you keep telling yourself that everything is easy, it will get easier.' I think she was referring to selling, but I believe that can be applied to life in general! It's a simple but powerful philosophy.

There's a quote that I love that says 'grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.' It's a Christian prayer and it's said at every Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but whether or not you're religious or a recovering alcoholic doesn't matter... I think we could all learn from it. The biggest thing you can change is your attitude, and if you have to -- fake it 'til you make it. Keep talking to yourself in a positive way and eventually you'll believe what you say. In the moment, it's easier for us to be negative. But in the long run, being positive makes life easier! The hard work will pay off -- trust me.


  1. This is so true.. steph. Great post. Attitude is everything. Sometimes I catch myself saying I wish i had this, i wish i could afford that, and you're right, we need to stop and say, I'm so thankful that I have a job, that I have a loving family and great life.

    xoxo my friend.. keep the positive alive! There's very few of those out there.

  2. I don't necessarily believe in faking it 'til you make it, but I do believe that if you work to improve your attitude, then you can improve it. You can train your brain to find something positive in a situation or to avoid focusing on the negative. You can give yourself a weekend to wallow and then choose to get over it and move on.

    I'm never called the most positive person anyone knows, because I'm a realist. I'm neither positive nor negative about life in general. But I am often told that I have great strength and I know how to make the best of situations and I adapt to change. Those are all positive things that I've worked toward in my life.

    I completely agree with you. You've got to work at it sometimes, and that work does pay off!

  3. great thoughts dear :) this is a great way to be positive and Im definitely going to try this in my gloomy days- get well soon babes!

  4. great post! i always think about the same things. theres this tape i have of 'positive affirmations' that basically reviews the self talk you mentioned. its all about our outlook on life!

    <3 steffy

  5. You are one of the most inspiring ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I really don't have much to add that wouldn't come across as cheesy, but just know how wonderful you are. Sometimes my light flickers, but when I see others with such passion and happiness and working for the positivity, it helps.

  6. What an absolute honest post! Some days I usually don't complain too much, but this week was too much! This week it was the weather, or when my supposed quality heel broke, or when my order got screwed up at a restaurant twice ... which seems so insignificant when I'm usually instantly thankful of the little things. But the icing on the cake was Blogger giving me intense trouble! Well, life threw me a curve ball this week, but I had to sit back and remind myself how wonderful mine is! And then gratitude finally came back. One's attitude definitely plays a role. Great quote as well.

  7. I agree, sometimes you have to 'force' yourself to be positive about things. afterall, it could be worse! ;) but I have those pity parties every now and then too, they're just part of life I guess. it's just important to get over them sooner or later.

  8. Amen love! I am always looking for the angle that makes a crappy moment a lovely one. I adore you and your honesty <3

  9. I love this. "Fake it till you make it" Hehe! Just found your blog & LOOVE it!

  10. Excellent post, Steph. And it's soo true!! I do the same thing, sing myself the blues - I may as well play the world's smallest violin's always bett to be grateful for what you have. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but your positive ending to this post made me feel better.


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