Friday, December 9, 2011

Lessons :: On wanting to save the world.

Tonight at work I picked up a customer who had just flown in. He came here to say goodbye to a friend who was terminally ill... but when he arrived, he found out that his friend had passed an hour before. I had never met this man and didn't know him whatsoever, but my heart broke for him. His story crushed me. I felt so sorry that he had been so close to seeing his friend one last time and wasn't able to.

I wanted to fix it.

I felt helpless.

It's the worst feeling in the world.

Do you ever feel like tragedy is happening all around you? I do. And it's frustrating for me, it absolutely kills me. But I need to continue to tell myself that there's only so much I can do. All I have to offer is a smile and a warm hand. I need to believe that, in some small way, it helps. It doesn't change someone's situation, but maybe it can help them get through it. Maybe it can ease the pain, at least for a moment...

Each and every time you meet someone new, you have a chance to make a positive impact. Whether it's at work, at a party or in line at the grocery store. It doesn't matter if you'll ever see them again or if they'll even remember the interaction. It will change your life and theirs. Every moment is important and special. Every smile is a chain reaction. Please be kind and give give give with all your might. There is no negative consequence to this, only love. And all of us need it.


  1. This is so beautifully said.

  2. Romeo brought this program into the schools this week. The motto is to start a "chain reaction". I went to the presentation at the high school of this. It is as if you had been there.

  3. Ah, thank you, Steph.
    I remember lying in my bed, crying my little twelve year old heart out....because for some reason that year I grasped how much things could be. In other people's lives, around the world...third world countries, starvation, hate crimes,homeless people. I seemed to become of all of this in that year...and I remember crying myself to sleep every night because there was so much SAD in the world. And I couldn't help them. If only I could cry a little for them, it would make them hurt less....
    Pretty nuts for a twelve year old. But I still get these feelings.
    In October,2009 I made friends with a girl who was in the hospital. I had found her blog on Livejournal, and though there was nothing I could do to make her pain stop, I COULD be her friend. I started writing letters...almost one every day. I sent her funny pictures and trinkets to entertain her...I had NO idea that they would make such an impact on her.
    After she passed away, her family reached out to me-a faceless Internet friend, and penpal, and invited me to her memorial. It was a MASSIVE gathering at a theater house, and duringbthe service her dad was up on the stage talking about the impact that my letters had on my friend and the family, the comfort they got from those words. Such a small gesture, that left such an impact.
    That girl literally changed my life. I live every day to the fullest, I look for the kindness in others, and I give. Often, it's the little things that we remember...never under estimate the power of love.
    Love,love,love. In the end, that's all that we have left.

  4. True words, that last paragraph. :)

  5. I love this. I often times have a negative view of the world and worry about raising my children in it. But then I think that kindness begins with me and I should be their greatest example so that puts a smile on my face and gives me hope :)

  6. Ohh Steph, you are definitely my older twin, I always feel the same way.

  7. Beautiful steph! Amazing post, you did all you can and your heart was pure while doing it. AMAZING!


  8. This is very sweet, it was really kind of you to try to help that guy x

  9. Lovely post. It's amazing how just a smile or even being that listening ear can impact someone's day.

  10. Really like that you shared about this, thank you


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