Saturday, December 3, 2011

Look :: Happy holidays from LM + friends!

Last night, Bryn was sweet enough to open her home up to Dina, Kimberly and I for a little dinner party! Her mother was in town and it was so nice to finally meet the woman who raised one of my dearest friends. After stuffing ourselves with hummus, lettuce wraps and treats, I gifted my girls cute Christmas cards and BFF buttons. I love being a big cheeseball! This is definitely my favorite time of year...

Outfit details: Turban - Red Velvet (can't stop wearing them this season). Scarf, sweater - Ann Taylor. Tee - Target. Jeans - Forever 21. Boots - Payless. Bangles - R.J. Graziano.


  1. So flipping cute!! I adore your Turban & it looks like you and the girls had an awesome time :D

  2. aw happy holidays to you steph!! yummmie i want a tree cookie!

  3. this is wicked awesome. I think you and I should have a Christmas card with that cookie picture of us lol. you look so serious contemplating Christmas and i am there to make light of the whole thing lol

    I had so much fun everything was so great I'm so glad i met you and in turn got to meet all theses wonderful people. Its so amazing how things work out. You are a treasure.

    I'm so yellow but I love it :) Like Christmas came early and we get the rest of the month to cheese it up even more. YES!!!

  4. Yay! I love that picture with the Christmas tree cookie. Looks like you girls had a lot of fun!


  5. Hmm, those Christmas cookies look delicious and I'm loving your adorable outfit, such a cute & chic denim look!! Plus your glasses suite you beautifully - must get a pair like that! Hope you're having a lovely start to your week. xo


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