Thursday, June 30, 2011

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

Hey blogger. Get over yourself. Seriously.

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

This week I'm fresh out of love and rainbows, so there will be no kumbaya intro. Doesn't mean I don't love y'all, but I have got to tell you that lately, I'm a wee bit peeved by the fame-whoring and big-noting going on in the fashion blogosphere (and Twitterverse). Who of us doesn't want brand endorsements and blogging fame? We're all stars in our own right, and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But no one likes a self-absorbed, one-sided braggart. And no one likes an ass-kisser. Period.

Have you given props to someone other than yourself lately? Is every status update about hyping you? Is everything in your life now about the blog? As Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys wonders in her post, are you capturing reality on your blog or manufacturing it? If any of this sounds like you, you might be on the road to becoming a full-blown fame monster. Maybe it's time to check yourself.

A Challenge

If you're destined for blogging fame, it will come through dedication, professionalism, and genuine respect. Through interaction, supporting your community, and authenticity. Let's take blogging back to its roots. This week's roundup is chock full of posts teeming with creativity, wit, and wisdom. I challenge you all to not only read and comment on at least 10 blog posts, but to share them as well. Find something that resonates with you and tweet it, like it, stumble it. All those hearts and thumbs up weren't made just for you.

Links à la Mode: June 30th


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Favorite moments from June...

June was such a blissful month. I can't believe it's already over! Here are some fun things that stood out... Click to see what I loved about May.

First beach day of the season!

House sitting and pretending to have pets for a week.

Snooping around Celeste's apartment & taking pictures of everything!

Finishing my kitchen. One more pretty room done, yay!

Walking to cute local bars. ♥

Do you have any plans for the summer? I'm looking forward to pool parties, beach adventures, breezy dresses and cold drinks... So happy that my favorite season has finally arrived. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Detroit Style Profile : : Mary Sucaet

This brand-new feature is brought to you by my lovely little sister, Liz! While I'm here in Los Angeles, she is back in Michigan, going to college in Detroit. Her friends are so fabulous & fashionable that she wanted to share them with all of you! I hope these snippets of style from a different city spark new inspiration. ♥ What do you think about our first fashionista's sassy vintage looks? I can't help but love the hat, the headband and work-meets-play jacket...

Mary Sucaet, 22
stylist/personal shopper/designer/blogger
coming soon: Burgundy Neckwear on Etsy

I call my style Fellini Star-esque with hints of modern prep. The best part of living in Detroit is being a big fish in a small pond. I plan on staying here for quite a while and I feel like it is a place of unlimited opportunity.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look : : Summer Scarf

It is officially summer! This is what I wore yesterday to go out with Bryn... Do you wear scarves in the summer time? I have over thirty of them from growing up in Michigan that I can't help but incorporate into my wardrobe, even in 80-degree weather. Such a simple piece that makes an outfit!

Also, I forgot to announce a little while ago that Liz was able to raise enough funds for this Detroit music project! Thanks to all who donated. And speaking of my sis, she's going to have her own column coming up on here soon featuring Detroit designers and such... Stay tuned!

Outfit details: Tee - Ann Taylor. Scarf, shoes - Target. Skirt - Forever 21. Headband - Sweetaz Boutique. Earrings, turquoise ring - Gifts from my mom. Gun ring - Gift from Bryn. Flower ring - Kohl's.

Monday, June 27, 2011

On keeping the glass half-full...

My friend Dina came over the other night for some wine and good conversation. I don't see her often -- though she lives downstairs in the same building! -- but we have fun periodically leaving gifts on each others' doorsteps. I see her as an older sister and we talk about most everything! She is also one of the few "real-life" friends that regularly reads my blog.

I'd had a lot on my mind for days and she could tell. I confessed my worries about the future, about money and success. She said that from my blog, you'd never know that I was anxious and stressed... The truth is, I pick and choose what to share on my blog. I wouldn't want to read about negative things, so I don't want to write about them either! I like to go back and read my own blog... I see it as a scrapbook. We want to fill scrapbooks with happy memories, not sad ones.

I'm trying to find the words to say this so that it makes sense... I really am happy. What I write and post on this blog isn't fake. It's not a pretend me. I'm only choosing to display the best and happiest parts of me and my life. And the truth is, though I'm happy, I'm not satisfied. I think it takes a lot of strength to separate these two feelings, but it's very possible and it's something I wholeheartedly believe everyone should do! I am a go-getter and a hard worker, and I'll probably never be satisfied because I always want more. But I am so happy with the way things are. I'm grateful for what I have and the life I've made for myself. I'm going to continue striving for something bigger and better -- it's how I'm wired and I actually think it's healthy. If I were to be completely satisfied, I would stop trying to improve and I wouldn't grow and change for the better!

So, the next time you read this, I hope you don't think 'her life is so perfect.' I hope that changes to 'this girl is happy, and I have plenty of reasons to be happy, too!' Tell me in the comments... what do you have to be happy about today?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loudmouth Lookbook : : Spring Edition

Here are all eighteen looks from April, May & June! Which one is your favorite? Notice any patterns or trends? Check out my winter lookbook for more inspiration... I also suggest visiting Heather and Casee Marie who recently posted collections of outfits as well. ♥ Enjoy!

{My Birthday}

{Hello Color}


{Springing into the season}

{Silver & Gold}

{No Paparazzi, Please}

{Red, White & True}

{California Girls}

{The Blogger Bun}

{Working Woman}

{New Layout}

{Floral Print Dress}

{Playing Pretend}

{Whites & Brights}

{Tickled Pink}

{Elegantly Disheveled}

{Sweet Harts}

{Hot Food Hot Day}

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lounge : : Home Tour... My Kitchen!

We've lived in this apartment for over three months now, and this is the first time there are no dishes in the sink. We have to wash dishes by hand here, which usually means that they pile up for days on end. It had gotten so bad this time around that I was snatching extra plastic forks from fast food businesses to use at home. Our kitchen was more embarrassingly messy than the living room, so though I contemplated taking a photo, I knew it would be too disturbing for sensitive eyes.

After toiling with two different cameras and their settings, then attempting to adjust the white balance on my computer -- I gave up and switched these to greyscale. I apologize for the lack of color, and I trust you'll use your imagination to create a hodge-podge of blue, green, yellow, brown and pink... but trust me, this version makes the room look much more organized! I plan to acquire more lamps and artificial light in the future, as our windows are blocked by the second half of our building.

If you were to walk through our front door, the kitchen would be on your right. It has a short countertop that a friend of mine described as a "breakfast nook." This is usually where old magazines, used movie tickets, unopened mail and keys are dumped. The coffee maker was a gift from my mom, the toaster was purchased used, and the microwave is being borrowed from a friend indefinitely. The large candle is from Target, the small from Bath & Body Works, and the coasters from Ikea. The folding chairs are also from Target, though I hope to find some cute vintage seats in the future.

Our walls were bare and boring when we moved in, so we had no choice but to hang some pretty art! "Starry Night" was $3 at Goodwill and "The Cafe" was from my mother. We move frequently -- this is our third apartment in less than two years -- so we don't want to decorate with anything that will be a fuss to take down (or permanent!).

In this corner we have our wine rack (gift to me from a friend), a massive amount of chopsticks (also from a friend), and a memento from the Paris hotel in Vegas. We also have our dish drying rack (from Target) which isn't cute, but gets the job done!

The photos on this wall were all taken by me (available at my Etsy shop) and the "Keep Calm" prints are from here (previously mentioned here). I hope the heat from washing dishes and cooking doesn't damage them -- any thoughts on that?

This is probably my favorite part of the kitchen. I just think the countertop stove is so cute! We do have an oven and a refrigerator; they just aren't shown. The tea kettle is from Target, the knives were a gift from Zach's sister, and the spoon rest was painted by a friend & I (details here).

I have an extensive mug collection, but the most unique are displayed on top of the microwave. I really wish I had some of my favorites from college -- they're stuck at my parents' house! The paper towel holder and the glass canister holding my coffee are both from Target. I'm pretty sure the oven mitts were from my mother... Here's a peek at what the lighting is like, just for fun:

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