Monday, January 30, 2012

Daily Life :: Phone Photos

It's that time again! More pictures from my non-iPhone. Ready set go.

You know if Top Gun is playing at a bar, it's gonna be a good night...

Tequila + coffee. It's good, I swear!

Late-night grocery shopping. I'm so awkward.

Wine tasting during my staycation. Ah, I'm all nostalgic now.

Pizza at Vitello's. So good!

Helping a friend pack orders for this cute company.

This may have been the first time I ever had Indian food. Yummy!

I made a drink with all of the leftover booze in my freezer...

Taking self-portraits while getting ready, MySpace-style.

Just the best frozen pizza!

Drinks with the girls. Do you see them in the mirror? :)

The perfect lunch... pickle with a side of macaroni & cheese.

This was cute.

Late-night veggie omelet!

First time ever eating a burrito from a food truck. (It was good.)

And... I'm eating fish again. This may be a slippery slope.


  1. Love your pic roundup.....and I too think that frozen pizza is INSANELY good.....looks like a great week to me sweets:)

    A Blog of Life & Everything in Between!

  2. Agreed - if Top Gun is playing at a bar, it's bound to be a good night! That Indian food looks amazing, I can't believe it was your first time trying it!! It's by far my favorite type of food... I could eat it every night.

  3. love the 'non-iPhone'! lol
    i got one of those as well! lol

  4. I still take MySpace-style pictures of myself. I hope that never dies.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I absolutely love taking pictures with my phone! Great photos. I love Digiorno!

  6. I am so instagram obsessed, I am constantly snapping pics on my phone! Love all of yours, love that phone snaps give a peek into someone's life!

    Alexandra xo

  7. Sushi and Indian food are soooo yummy! You also look so pretty in your self portrait! And that bar that Top Gun is filmed in- well the scene where him and Goose are singing while Goose is playing the piano, is here in San Diego! -Jessica

  8. The pizza looks amazing. The coffee and tequila combo... questionable? :P

  9. never eaten indian? its amazing when done well. I never liked spicy food so avoided it but the flavour is way more important than the heat.

    The best frozen pizza's always seem to have lots of moz and pesto! nom

    Barnicles :)

  10. Damn, I want to be in a bar that's playing Top Gun!!

  11. Gorgeous pic of you in the red, btw!! Stunning! -mama

  12. OMG!! I am so hungry now!! Just reading this post made my mouth water! Love the drink in your silver bullet cup. Tell us, was it good?

  13. I think your daily life is yummy...! :)
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