Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etsy Wishlist :: Valentine's Day Edition

Our national day of love is coming up, and I couldn't help but peruse one of my favorite shopping sites for appropriately-themed items. First is this beautiful necklace, which I'll probably purchase for myself.

These mittens for couples are adorable!

Before joining corporate America, I had my nose pierced. This little heart-shaped stud is a cute little accessory.

I adore prints on old pages of novels.

Hair accessories are my favorite... these pins are simply cute.

Maybe you're in love with mustaches this year. I understand.

This personalized mug is so cute and special!

I love this. Perfect for the musician in your life.

I'll be handing these out to my friends this year!


  1. The couples mittens are too funny! I love the little heart hair pins, I feel like they'd be ridiculously easy to make

  2. The couples mittens are adorable.

    One year for Valentines day, I made my boyfriend a painting of a nose and wrote 'if you were a booger I'd pick you'. truth.

  3. omg i love the mittens! so silly and cute.

  4. mittens for couples? I could throw up LOL hahaha so none romantic haha you are too funny.

  5. Those mittens for couples are adorable!! :)


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