Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look :: Froyo Date / Pink & Blue

Outfit details: Hat - Ann Taylor. Dress, booties - Forever 21. Scarf - Target. Buttons - Flapper Doodle + Modcloth. Cardigan - Tea & Tulips. Shorts - ASOS. Tote - c/o My Geeky Boyfriend.

I'm so excited for my friend Sarah, who just started her own business: My Geeky Boyfriend! I was lucky to receive one of her panda-covered totes and brought it along during a visit to Yogurtland with Kimberly.

After our sweet treat and a quick detour through Michael's, we had bottomless chips + salsa accompanied by adult beverages at Chili's. That night, we joined Bryn and Dina for a SATC marathon and more food/drinks. A fabulous day, indeed!

If you'd like your own tote (or any other cute goodies) use the code LOUDMOUTH for free shipping all through February. My Geeky Boyfriend specializes in video game-inspired accessories for men... have you started your Valentine's Day shopping yet? ;) She does custom orders, too -- contact her on Etsy for details!

By the way -- now that I don't have Facebook anymore, things here are going to get super random. For example, I have nowhere else to post music recommendations! Here goes... Lately I can't stop listening to the new albums by Drake, Tech N9ne, Childish Gambino, and Lights. All of them have a style that varies from party jams to emotional drama... maybe that's how I am, too!?

One last thing: I finally have a 2012 planner. Yay! I can't wait to fill its big, blank pages with lists and plans! I'm a little obsessed.


  1. I love that tote bag, very cute! and cute post, as always<333

  2. So cute! I love the look of buttons on scarves.

    p.s. I got really excited when I saw my button under your sponsors list. Does that make me a blog nerd?

  3. Ohh I love the pink and blue colours! I especially love the beanie! Too cute

  4. Adorable outfit! I love the little shorts under your dress :) And the panda bag is super adorable!

  5. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! obviously i wanted to come check you out.

    love the "loudness" of it all!

  6. i can't get enough of that tote. so cool that your friend is selling these. i'll have have to check it out.

    and thanks for the music recommendations too!

  7. i need to move back to cali so i can acceptably eat froyo all year round!

  8. It's hard to not miss my dear so-cal when I see your outdoor pictures! Ah I miss the days when I can eat cold, frozen yogurt and walk about town without stockings or leggings! I haven't seen my legs in 3 months!!
    Those shorts are cute too :)

  9. Love the sweater! Great color!

    So you quit Facebook...I've been debating about doing this as well.
    Anyway, I like coffee and tequila as well...yum!

  10. Aww, such a cute tote. And I love that dress! My sister would be jealous, it's her all-time favorite shade of blue. (When we were little blue was my favorite color, but in the last few years she stole it.)

    Also, yay, planner buddies! My sis bought me one for Christmas (which makes up for her stealing my favorite color, just a little) and I'm completely obsessed. It's basically all blog stuff going into it - such is my life - but it's an invaluable thing!

  11. New planners are always awesome. I don't know why. The potential of what it can be filled with, I suppose...



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