Sunday, January 1, 2012

My resolutions... 12 goals for 2012!

I've always loved lists. They keep me sane, organized and on-track! Today I jotted down my goals for the new year, and here are six of them in detail. Do you have your own resolutions for 2012? Let's keep each other accountable and make this our best year yet!

  • Take it slow. LA is the perfect place for me because it's extremely fast-paced; everyone is always on the go! That's exactly how my brain works. I constantly give myself deadlines, whether it be at my job, for the blog or in daily life. I'm training myself to slow down and stop rushing through everything. I could miss out or burn out otherwise!

  • Be on top of the little (but important) things. You'd think that with my aforementioned addiction to lists and deadlines that I would have stuff like 'go to dentist' and 'get oil changed' in my planner, but nope! It's weird -- I always forget about things that are so simple, yet so crucial to life. I need to work on that. Any tips?

  • Remix more often. I go through spurts where I'll shop like Paris Hilton* for a month and then the next I won't spend a dime. There needs to be a balance in there, so I plan to use the heck out of what I already have. It's a way to go green while saving green!

  • Cook dinner. I haven't posted a recipe here in forever, and it's simply because I haven't been cooking. My roommate tends to tease me for stocking the freezer with Lean Cuisines; not because I'm trying to lose weight, but because they take three minutes to make! The only items I have in the fridge right now are a loaf of bread, a tub of butter and a carton of almond milk. I tend to blame my poor eating habits on time constraints, but if I managed my minutes wisely and kept my kitchen stocked, I'd be more apt to cook. I plan to do this by going on a big grocery trip every Sunday -- starting today!

  • Make time for me. I thrive off of maintaining a busy schedule and it's difficult for me to stop and simply breathe (see 'take it slow' above). However, I know it's healthy for us to take a few moments to relax and recharge! I'm going to set aside time every day to do something that doesn't involve working or blogging -- or maybe to do nothing at all. What do you think?

  • Create a new blog layout. I really like the way it looks right now, but give me a few more months and I'll be itching for change! I'm inspired by both simple and busy layouts... Here are some I adore: Scathingly Brilliant, A Beautiful Mess, Mattieologie, Stay in the Lines, and (my favorite!) The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower.

  • Thanks for reading about my personal goals! Without further ado, here are the winners for last week's giveaways (chosen using Congratulations to Mary Rebecca, who won a cute ring from Femmena Mala; and to Yvonna Livianna, who won pretty paintings from Fenn! Enjoy, ladies, and thanks to all who entered.

    * Credit goes to Bryn for coming up with this phrase.


    1. Great list. Making time for "me" and redoing my blog design are both on my list! :)

    2. I like your list, remember the little things is also a biggie for me too!

    3. Great list! They are all things that are achievable which is always a good thing. Most people make resolutions that are out of reach and then get down on themselves for not following through.

      Hope you had a great New Years and enjoy your 2012

      xo Sammy

    4. those are some awesome goals! i hope to do some similar as well :) a very happy new year to you!!

    5. awesome list my friend!!

      love that profile photo...I saw your ad on someone else's blog and literally thought-- oh, she's pretty!!

      have a fabulous 20.12...looking forward to reading more!


    6. I always love making lists of accomplish-able goals rather than the 'I resolve to lose weight, be kind, etc' type aspirations.

      You're brilliant.

    7. Aww, you make me blush. Thanks for the mention! Lately I've been positively addicted to blog design inspiration. I have this compulsive habit of clicking every blog button I see or scouring blogrolls for new names, and then following that process on all the new blogs I find. I wish I took screenshots or something of all the designs that inspire me!

      Anyway, I love your list of goals! I did a similar thing (except I typed it up because I hate my handwriting, ha). It's a pretty long list because some of it is just random metaphoric and life stuff (i.e. creating a healthy social circle), but a few of my favorites that I hope will stick are...

      - wake up early and spend an hour doing yoga, reading or meditating. Just an hour for me, for whatever.

      - cook dinner once a week; I don't cook at all anymore so I figure if I set a one day per week goal I should be able to hold on to it.

      - set a specific hour every night to be "offline" by so I can have time to read or watch a film before bed. (i.e. no more being online until 1-2am like I'm doing right now, haha.)

      Other than that it's all broad things; I want to work on creating my signature style this year and have a cork board where I'll constantly pin up images/quotes that I think reflect who I am. I want to respond to e-mails faster and generally be more productive online. I'd like to learn more about SEO, we'll see. And I'd really, really like to finish editing one of my novels and submit freelance work to publishers. But I'm trying to focus on the things I can incorporate into my life right now. It's a good start. (:

      Okay, sorry, I'm rambling. Happy new year, sugar! xoxo

    8. I love lists too! You've got some great resolutions. I definitely need to cook more often, pretty much every meal. I hope you had a wonderful New Years!!

    9. Love this list Steph- best of luck, I know you can do it!

    10. Really great list, the first two really spoke to me! I rarely relax, but somehow the everyday stuff slips by me lol.

      What Lola Wants

    11. Happy New Year Darling!! I'm a big fan of lists as well. I spent quite a bit of time today putting pen to paper. I believe in its power! And it's funny because I'm making it my mission as well to be more on top of the little but not so little things like going to the dentist. Wishing you your best year yet!! xoxo

    12. I'm with you on the new blog layout, or at least a tweak to the way it looks. A fresh page is so invigorating to blogging. Need to start brainstorming and working on that. Happy 2012 to you! - Katy

    13. Sounds good! I love making lists. They make me feel like I'm in control, at least a little.

    14. Depending on the phone you have (Android or Apple), I bet there is an app to help you keep track of deadlines. I used to have an app on my Android that reminded me of when I needed to get an oil change. If I had an oil change say, last Wednesday, it would let me know in about 3 months time that I needed an oil change.
      I guess I'm lucky enough that my dentist will send me a postcard when it's time for my 6 month check-up and most of the time they'll call a few days before my appointment to remind me.


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