Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Life :: Phone Photos / and a giveaway winner!

I feel like being super nice today, so instead of keeping you all in suspense throughout the post, I'm announcing the giveaway winner first! Haha. So, here she is... it's Brooke! Congrats girlfriend.

Moving on... I helped the coolest 80-year-old man, ever, at work. Both of my grandfathers are no longer with us, so I wish I could adopt this guy. He had the most wonderful theories about fate and destiny.

Veggie grilled cheese from the food truck!

My BFF Chris and I rocking our watches at work...

The absolute best work snack: gummy worms* and 99cent tea.

Chris carrying all of our late-night snacks! What a nice guy.

My friend Edwin drew me this awesome picture! I love it so much.

Peanut butter hearts for all on Valentine's Day!

Martini night with the girls!

Pretty cherry blossoms. Can't wait to take outfit photos with them. ♥

Hanging out in the studio... someday, someday I'll show you my rap!

Sometimes I buy produce. :) These last photos are all food...

Putting avocados on everything lately! Here they are on leftover pizza.

Quickie salad recipe: spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds, soy cheese, vegan honey mustard, vegetarian 'bacon' bits... so good!

Making my fake chicken next to my roommate's real chicken!

Soy yogurt topped with strawberries, cocoa puffs, and a banana. ♥

*Sometimes I break vegetarian rules.


  1. That salad looks good but i have to say im not a fan of soycheese...regardless of the fact im recently lactose intolerant..maybe i'll give it another shot

  2. Oh yay, so excited!! I think this is my lucky week. I've won two free coffees and now this! I was actually just about to go to bed when I checked my bloglovin' feed one last time and I'm so glad I did. I'll shoot you an email with my address in the morning because my boyfriend is yelling at me to come to bed ha! By the way, all this food is giving me the late night munchies. But I know there's a peanut butter heart coming my way! That sketch is so cool by the way. OK, I could have just emailed you after all of this lol Thanks Steph!! This is the perfect way to end my day! XO

  3. The cherry blossom tree is so gorgeous!! We don't have any of those near me :( haha and I love the last picture. Cocoa puffs on top, really? Haha
    xo Heather

  4. oh I love old people, I'm glad u helped him =))) and I LOVE vegetarian burger =DD super nice pics!!

  5. p.s. I love late night snacks too :D

  6. Yay Congrats to Brooke!! I heart her. Gees, lady - way to make a girl hungry!!

  7. All the food in this post is making me hungry! That veggie grilled cheese especially...yum!

  8. Aw I love phone photos, I think they show people's true lives so well, since your phones always with's the most reliable source :). Basically ran through this post and it just made me so hungry lol, definitely craving some yogurt and fruit now. Great photos!

  9. Whoa, food post! I love these, the one with Chris carrying all the late night snacks is so funny! I'm totally making a grilled cheese now, though!

    Also, congrats to Brooke :D

    xox dear

  10. we have the same diet! gummy worms and avocado!


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