Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dedicated to my family.

Though it's completely rewarding to live on my own and I don't regret moving here at all, I do miss my parents, sister and brother. The holidays were especially tough, and get harder every year. I've always worked in industries where November-January are the busiest times, so I'm never able to visit Michigan for Christmas. I'm meeting them in Myrtle Beach the first week of April, the week before my birthday, and it will be the first time I've seen them since August. I can't wait!

In December, Elizabeth turned twenty-two and Aaron, sixteen. I can't believe how much they've grown, both in age and height! They'll always be my little babies. Happy belated birthday sibs, I love you lots!

What about you -- is your family near or far? How do you stay in touch and keep close as you grow older?


  1. Lovely pictures, I just recently went on a vacation with my family (they live a few hours away) and these make me remember that time and miss them more. Fantastic memories :)

  2. Is that Burbank in the background?! I've moved around a lot, so I know what you mean about missing your family and missing lots of special occasions and the holidays....I make an effort to drive to L.A. once a month or meet up with my parents for brunch one Sunday a month. Did you get my message about being game for a blogger meetup? Just went to one today in La Jolla! It was a great time meeting other bloggers and the raffle prizes from the sponsors were amazing! -Jessica


  3. Being by yourself and making your own life can be so rewarding. But I hear ya when it comes to missing your peeps. My family is so far and I see them maybe once a year. Holidays are the worst.

  4. Its my senior year of high school, so while I'm still at home now, I will be leaving in the fall. I'm nervous about being away from my family, but I'm sure lots of phone calls and visits on as many holidays as possible will help! :)

  5. I totally understand how you feel. Two days after my 21st birthday, I moved from North Carolina to the Western Slopes in Colorado, 1800+ miles away from home, with my son. During these times, my family and I Skype alot (and I mean A LOT!), as well as to call to catch up on everything. A lot of my family members also have a facebook, which helps with them seeing pictures of me, my son and fiance. Soon they will be able to read posts from my new blog, Beaute Sombre.

    We may be a-far, but we are always in touch no matter what!

  6. I'm quite fortunate that my family only live 20 mins away so I seem them once a couple of weeks. I always get told off by my gf that I don't see them more often...but I don't know I think that is. lol

  7. I last saw my family in July.
    Usually it's pretty good, we're a fairly close family, but we do distance well. With mine and my parent's schedules sometimes we only talk twice a month...and THAT can suck. I wish they had a computer so we could Skype.
    I'm hoping they can come to my graduation in July.
    Sometimes the random homesickness SUCKS doesn't it?

  8. Aww, I love this. That first photo is so precious. I'm very close with my family, which is redundant to say because I just mentioned it in the last comment I left, and I live with my parents right now so I'm grateful for every morning having coffee and chatting with my mom, etc. When I was 19 or 20 we were living outside of Chicago and it happened that my parents would be moving - after years of craziness that would make this comment into a blog post all its own - to Omaha, so I went with them out there and a year later out here to the east coast, because I've never been very far from them and I don't know that I could. My sister, though, has been in Michigan since she was 18 and it hasn't gotten any easier being far away, I think. She's been able to come home for Christmas every year and because the ballet takes a hiatus in the summer she's typically home for a month or so in there. But the months between can be sad, for her as well as the rest of us. She and I are only a year and six months apart, so we grew up as BFFs and my mom even homeschooled us together. So being separated so suddenly - and at such ages as 17 and 18 - was hard to deal with! But you do what you can. My mom and I will be driving out to MI to see her this week, so I'm excited about that. (:


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