Sunday, February 19, 2012

Detroit Style Profile :: Elizabeth

My sister sent me these photos of a recent outfit, and I couldn't help but share! She has been a huge fashion inspiration for me over the years. Growing up, she was never shy to experiment with funky pieces, even when she was going through her 'goth' phase as a young teen. ;) Now, she describes her style as the following: business casual mixed with Stevie Nicks in the early 70s in her witchy wardrobe.

Currently, Liz is a college student, a musician, a barista, an aspiring plus-size model, and an Etsy seller of beautiful vintage pieces. As you can see, workaholism runs in our family. :)

Outfit details: Shoes - Ebay. Belt, trousers, socks, tank, sheer cardigan - Value World. Earring - Salvation Army. Necklace - Handmade (gathered pendants). Amber ring - Handed down from our Polish grandmother, to my mother, to her. Wooden ring - Handmade, from a vendor at a craft show.

Necklace details: Red and yellow Tiger's Eye (in silver cage) from Herb Haus. Vintage dragon/tooth pendant is carved bone bought at The Rust Belt. Other two stones were found at Salvation Army.

As for me? Today, I will be doing a lot of this...

Hope you are having an equally lazy Sunday. ♥


  1. I love Liz! She is so cool! I can't wait until I can buy something from her shop!
    Enjoy your deliciously lazy Sunday, Steph, you deserve it.

  2. Love the floral on her! Haha and I love the last picture. My boyfriend and I have literally been laying in bed all day discussing Star Wars on our lazy Sunday. Yeah, we're that cool.
    xo Heather

  3. Your sister has such an original style. I am in love with her jewelry.

    Your wish is my command, my Sunday looked pretty identical to yours ;)

  4. your sister has awesome style, she looks great!
    and hope you're having a great sunday :)
    xo, cheyenne

  5. beautiful :) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

  6. Your sister is as beautiful as you are! Good luck to her in all her endevours.


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