Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lounge :: Big Messes & Home Inspiration

Welcome to a new month! I feel like this is my real New Year's Day, and January was just a period of limbo. I love fresh starts. :) As I begin this new journey, I'm starting to chip away at the disaster that has become my apartment. I finally went to Target the other day to stock up on hangers so I could put away the pile of clothes littering my floor... that's only the beginning.

I've been in this apartment for almost a year now, and though I was planning on leaving after my lease was up, I'm going to renew. I love the location and the price, and I feel comfortable here. Now that I know I'll be here for awhile longer, I'm excited to put some time into fixing it up -- whereas before, I didn't want to bother. I did post a home tour last year (see the office / kitchen / living room), but that was when I had a live-in boyfriend. Since I've become single it's changed a bit and I look forward to sharing it with you!

I haven't caught on to Pinterest yet, so I'm collecting inspiration the old-fashioned way and saving photos to a folder on my desktop. (I'm really bad with joining new sites, by the way -- I didn't have Twitter until 2010!) Some of my favorite bloggers have the most beautiful homes. I adore Elsie's open storage, above. It makes me wish my dad lived closer so he could come build me some shelves! I'm inspired to take out the doors to my closet now... and make some photo collages.

Kate's bedroom is as cute and colorful as her wardrobe! I love that she uses clothing to decorate -- totally copying that idea. She's also super organized... oh, and check out that bomb nail polish collection.

Lastly, I adore Kaelah's dreamy loft. Even though she's moving, her home tour of this place will remain one of my faves! I wish I was in her area so I could take over this spot. It's so artsy and cool. :)

Please leave links to your favorite home tours in the comments! Or maybe your own is posted somewhere... I'd love to see.


  1. Your bathroom looks just like mine. <3
    Keep me updated on your decorating adventures!

  2. i'm the same ~ january is sort of a mess of a month and by february i'm completely ready for a fresh start :-) plus it's my birthday on the 2nd (yesterday) so i prefer making new goals for then than new year!

    i can't wait to move into my own place and be able to decorate it *exactly* how i want it!!

  3. I'm posting my bedroom tour soon.

  4. Pinterest is amazing! You really should get on that!
    I love looking at other bloggers homes. Im still a couple (or a few?) years away from owning my own home, but I can't wait to start decorating my own place!!!

  5. Love these photos... I adore those black and white towels so much! Also, I love the first few photos with all the pictures and polaroids strung around. Very cool!

  6. funny post! check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other! xoxo

  7. I definitely want to redecorate my room (and entire house) at some point soon. I'm so tired of the way it is now!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. How lovely, Kaelah's loft is nice, especially loving the peek of the Singer sewing machine. I still have some paintings in storage waiting to be unpacked. It's nice to be able to make your space feel lived in, you have very good inspiration here. Don't worry, it took me forever to get a Facebook account actually, haha!

  9. i am the equivalent of a cyber peeping tom. i love looking inside other people's houses. the only problem is that it makes me want to redecorate every other day.

  10. gurl, you did NOT just post a picture of your sinkfull o' dirty dishes, ha ha ha! I am going to come over just to wash them.

  11. I follow Kaeyla's blog and my jaw literally dropped when she posted the pictures of her closest at her loft. Isn't it so dreamy!? Ahh, I wish it could be my closest. x

  12. I recognize the Instagram wall. I loved that one too! Too bad I don't have an Iphone or Instagram...But if you have an Android they have a good app called Retro Camera that's really similar to it....-The Dainty Squid has this really cute nail polish display on her wall...I also love that loft open storage! -Jessica



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