Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Jam Sesh

Normally I use Grooveshark to share playlists (one / two) but it was giving me errors and issues all morning! After posting a cry for help on Twitter, Madison stepped up and told me about 8tracks. Thanks girl! Ah, the magic of social networking... Hope you enjoy this variety of rap, R&B, hip-hop, indie rock and pop. ♥ I love that I used to hate Drake and he's all over this mix! It's funny how tastes change.

My next project for today is moving my pretty finds from WeHeartIt to Pinterest. Yes, I joined the club! And I'm already addicted.

I'll also be cleaning today. As you saw here, my apartment needs some love! I started last night by putting away lots of clothes and washing lots of dishes. I always feel like a little homemaker when I do things around the house. :) By the way, this is what I look like when I first wake up... and how I live on weekends. Just trying to prepare you for future sleepovers so you're not too scared of me in the morning. Ha!


  1. Haha welcome to the Pinterest addiction! There's no going back, trust me!
    I'm pretty sure thats exactly how I look when I wake up! I've got the whole hot mess look down pretty well now, or at least the mess part!

  2. Cool, fun pictures! Hahaha I remember 8 tracks. My parents had some lying around the house when I was younger. Cool tool! Yay for joining Pinterest! I love that site! What is We Heart it?
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. Both 8tracks & Pinterest are two of my favorite sites right now! Although, Pinterest is sort of problematic in that I want to spend all day looking at pictures of pretty clothes/food/houses instead of being productive. Enjoy, and try not to get too addicted!

  4. Ah, I meant to clean my apartment yesterday but that didn't happen :( Hopefully you had better luck than me!

  5. Ugh, cleaning. Pinterest is an amazing & terrible thing. It's so addicting & takes up SO much time. Could you be any more gorgeous?? Seriously, Steph. Gees.

  6. Ah cleaning...the one thing left on my "to-do" list as's a necessary evil sometimes. I love a clean house, but getting there is a pretty huge battle. In turn, I was a huge fan of the music, definitely a combination of some stuff I haven't heard before so that was exciting! Thanks for the Sunday tunes :)

  7. LOL....Not bad at all! I think my hair looks 1000 times worse than that in the morning! -Jessica

  8. pinterest is definitely addicting. have fun!
    also, i use grooveshark for my posts on wednesday, hopefully it will be working by then!
    xo TJ

  9. Will have to check out 8tracks. I use pandora and rdio. And your bed hair is pretty cool actually.


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