Saturday, April 21, 2012

List :: 25 before 26

I turned 25 about two weeks ago, so I thought it was time to make a new birthday list. (Click on the photo above to see a larger version.) Two of my favorite bloggers do this, and it's so fun to read their goals year after year! I don't know about you, but I'm a huge lister.

Last year, I posted a list of 24 places in LA that I wanted to visit. Well, I'm a big fat loser -- I only checked off three! And they were all in September, right after I made the list. At least I stayed motivated for a little while. Ha! I still want to see the rest. I have the weekend off, so maybe it's time to get back on track. Where should I go?

(From my post about Lake Hollywood Park)

(From my post about Lulu's Beehive)

(From my post about Laurel Tavern)

PS: Those are Nutella pancakes in the picture, made by moi. I'm trying to finish them right now. Help?


  1. Santa Barbara or San Diego? ;) I love State Street in Santa Barbara- oh, but you've been to SB before...Laguna Beach and San Clemente are very nice as well! -Jessica

  2. I'm definitely a lister, too. I hope everything on this list comes to fruition! I would definitely read a book by Steph and would love to hear a story of you hitting on a guy at Target.

    Although, given how much you like lists, I'm a bit surprised that you want to design a Loudmouth t-shirt instead of a planner/organizer. You could create a section specifically for these types of lists! :)

  3. you're so fun! even much more after i read your # 4. haha! adding your # 15 to my own list too. wish you the best of luck! go girl! :)

  4. Love the picture with the planner! I need to do that! I have been trying to get down to creating the perfect to do list! help me!


  5. Good luck getting back on track and I love your list this time around.... Life is adventure. Great to set goals, but enjoy it when life takes you somewhere else!

  6. 1) I need to make nutella pancakes! Help?
    2) Your list is totally doable and really fun! I'm excited for you!

  7. Nutella pancakes?? I want!

    I've been meaning to do a list like this for ages! I love making lists, but my problem is that I don't always make them very organized...ah well, practice makes perfect :) You should update us on these goals as you start checking them off!

  8. on finding a movie you love more than 500 days of summer, if i read that right, have you seen elizabethtown? yes, man? (i don't think that will beat it, it's still good) ...uhmmm i dunno what else. you may never find something, i find your favorite movie sticks. i can't find a movie i love more than elizabethtown.

    and getting your first tattoo!!! that's an exciting one!

  9. i live for lists!
    i have a "20 before 21" list, but my birthday is in two weeks and i am nowhere near finishing it ..

    yours looks great, good luck with it!
    and you can send those pancakes right over here, yum!
    xo, cheyenne

  10. AH! I looooove Laurel's Tavern. It was the first bar I went to when I first came to LA!

  11. Um, Sacramento, California? Nope. Seattle, Washington.

  12. I love the idea about a list of places to visit. I feel like there is so much to do and see in Orlando and I am always doing the same things. I think I am going to go do a 25 before 26! =)

  13. At least Laurel Tavern was one of the places you made it to! It's the best! :D

  14. Hi there! I created a 25-before-26 list earlier this year (my first list of this kind), and it's so fun and challenging. I too wanted to go camping and visit northern California, specifically the Redwood Forest. I completed both of those goals together with my husband back in April! I recommend visiting Stout Grove in Jedediah State Park, you can see 2000 year old redwood trees there. I also like your idea about visiting a certain number of places, I might create a list like that for Portland next year. Feel free to drop by and check out my list! :)


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