Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lounge :: Make an inspiration wall!

The best thing about this DIY -- if you can even call it that -- is that you have the freedom to do what you want. As you're aware, I'm not a fan of rules and restrictions! All you need for this project is a stack of old magazines, scissors and sticky stuff. You can make it more personal with photos, notes and other memorabilia. I plan to use this cozy corner for reading, blogging and sipping hot drinks.

You can work on this project at your own pace, too. For me, making collages like this is a leisure activity. I find it relaxing and therapeutic! I added to the wall bit by bit over the course of a few weeks, whenever I had the time, expanding it from the Christmas tree shape it had over the holidays. During this process, I also cleaned up the rest of my bedroom, rearranging and adding and decorating. For the first time in months, I actually want to spend time here, instead of simply sleeping. It's equally comfortable and functional now. Is it time to revamp your room, too?

*Last photo taken with my phone, all others with my DSLR.

PS: In my recent guest post at Kaelah's blog, 5 Steps to Living Loudly, I discussed the process of making positive changes to one's life. But what about when something happens that's not in your control? How does one recover? I look forward to sharing those secrets with you, but first, I need to discover them. I can't thank you enough for the encouraging tweets, texts, comments and e-mails this past week. From my girlfriends to my co-workers to far-away relatives, more people than I could have imagined have been supportive. I can see how many views my last post has had, and even if you didn't respond, I know that you're out there. And simply knowing that is enough.


  1. This wall looks awesome! I'm such a fan of crazy busy walls of inspiration, I have that at work and it's my favorite thing to look at :)

  2. great idea of doing this with your wall:-)

    please check out also my blog:

    xx ketty xx

  3. I will always be glad to share my words with you, and if are comforted by them, then that makes my heart more than happy! All I want is to see people I care about happy(yes, you ARE someone I care about in a strange, long distance way) to help people is the most fulfilling thing for me to experience, no thanks necessary! Just knowing that it maybe made you feel better is the "reward"
    You are the one in control of your direction in life, and while you can't control EVERYTHING, your reactions to events, you can. This is what makes you shape your future. Not just events. I am confident about you and your direction. You will always land on your feet Steph, I know it.
    <3 Jude

  4. Your room looks so cozy! I love it.


  5. I LOVE this!!!! Especially the scarves over the bed! Great idea :)

  6. First, I think this DIY is such a fun one and your room is so clean that I'm even more motivated to organize my bedroom! Second, you have such a beautifully wonderful spirit that I hope it only gets stronger and grows so grand that it overwhelms everyone with its strength and loveliness!

  7. Your room is so colorful & fun, just like you. :) I read your guest post, and it was so good. You always have such great posts, Steph. I love reading them.

  8. what a cute idea hanging your scarves like that. I love doing fun collages, i.e. vision board and moodboards are my favourite. Oh I loved Dexter, maybe I'll rent that tonight. I miss watching that show. Love the colourful feel of your space, it's very welcoming. :)

  9. i really like how you arranged your scarves! makes it so easy to see what you've got!

  10. I love this! I am huge into collage making but what a great idea to make a whole wall a collage! And my collages are always rectangle or square...I love the shapes you can make!

  11. love your inspiration wall! used to do that to my dorm room when i was still in college. i didn't finish until i completely covered the entire room and my roommate loved it. and just like you, i really find cutting and pasting inspiring photos therapeutic. :)

  12. i haven't had the chance to comment yet, but i loved your post on kaelah's blog :)
    and great diy!
    xo, cheyenne

  13. Your room is so cute and cheerful! I love the way you surround yourself with the things that matter and affect how you live your life.

  14. I just noticed my monster on your bed!

  15. I love hitting up souvenir shops like that. And I didn't even notice that your hair is wet. It looks great!


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