Monday, May 28, 2012

Life :: My holiday weekend festivities + other things I'm liking right now...

I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend! I'm still in shock that I had Saturday, Sunday and today off and I have a half-day tomorrow. I feel super blessed and grateful that I get to have this mini staycation. I haven't really done anything big and that's exactly how I wanted it to be. :) My life has been so crazy over the past couple months that it feels good to just sit here with a cup of coffee!

On Friday night I went out with a bunch of co-workers for Coronitas. I highly suggest not drinking more than one... (I learned that the hard way.) For the record, I honestly adore my job and the people I work with. After having nightmarish experiences at former workplaces, I'm so grateful to be at a company filled with love! It's wonderful.

The next day Chris and I went to Chipotle for burritos. Um, his was double chicken and mine was veggie, yet mine was twice the size as his! Hilarious. Me being me, I had to get a picture. Then we went on a mission to Red Box and there were about 15 people in line in front of us, which I also thought was hilarious. (I clearly think the most random things are funny...) After our mission was complete, we watched The Divide which was a super crazy movie that I totally recommend. I couldn't stop thinking about it for hours.

I also saw The Cabin in the Woods recently, which was surprisingly awesome in so many ways. I like scary movies. :) And now there's a new addition to my favorite board on Pinterest. Enjoy.

Yesterday I had froyo (still obsessed) and then went miniature golfing for the first time in years. I got my ass kicked, but then ruled at Skeeball so it all worked out. I also watched Hot Rod which is something I need to do every month in order to survive.

As for today, I'm putting away clean laundry and trying to get my room organized (again). Here's what I'll be jamming to (all rap, of course):

And, one last announcement... Dina and I were going to throw a party this weekend, but are postponing it for a couple reasons. It will happen soon, though -- and I'm excited. We think it's a cute idea!

Okay, I lied. That wasn't the last thing...

I want to thank you for the comments, tweets and phone calls I've received regarding my last post. I'm going to write a follow-up this week, but for now, I'll say this... I think some readers misinterpreted my words, but that's always going to happen when one puts herself out there, and many more readers completely understood. That solidifies the fact that we are never alone in our feelings and I would miss the blogging community should I ever leave. I love you.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend also but unlike you I have a mountain of laundry to do when I get home. But we all have good tans from being in the boat so its not all bad. XOXO

  2. I always get the veggie burritos from Chipotle and I never understood why they come out fatter than the ones with meat! I also visited Red Box this weekend and there was a long ass line for that as well...and everyone was very impatient because it was almost 9pm and a lot of people were trying to return their movies lol.

  3. Right after I read this, I hit another blog that I clicked through to from Facebook (just like this post). feels like so totally apropos:

  4. I have a weird relationship with scary movies. I can't resist seeing them but I regret it for a good year afterwards when I'm constantly jumpy and expecting the most terrible things to happen to me ;). Oh, and I'm eager for your follow up

  5. Watched the divide last night after reading this post- it was interesting! Still a bit unsure of why certain things happened and why certain people couldn't have ganged up on other certain people in the beginning, but then that would be a pretty short movie I guess..

    Also that young jeezy song is so good, I've been listening to that album the past month at the gym. Love!

  6. I love long weekends, but it makes it THAT much harder to come back the next day! So glad that you had a great time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Sounds like my perfect weekend... minus the scary movie. (I'm a big baby.) And I'm also addicted to froyo. It's really getting out of control. OK, now I'm off to read this last post that you're talking about!

  8. I am jealous of your stay cation! I need to take one of those myself! Although I have been taking days off for random adventures here and there! =) I really want to see Cabin in the Woods. I have heard so many good things about it. I love scary movies but I prefer the creepy kind and I am less into the gore.

    I feel like I am always putting away laundry and organizing my desk. I think I will jam out to your songs while I clean today!

    I LOVE the idea of your party! Anything Breakfast at Tiffany themed is awesome to me. =)

  9. Glad to see you're feeling better after a furlong weekend! Sometimes when get depressed and want to throw in the towel it's really just fatigue.


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