Monday, June 11, 2012

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Last week I had an unplanned Charlize Theron marathon, seeing both Snow White and the Huntsman (which I didn't want to like, but did) and Prometheus (which I really wanted to like, but didn't). I seem to disagree with the critics on everything lately, which is why I never read reviews until after I've seen a movie. Trust me, it makes sense.

Also, the web is apparently buzzing about how much the dude in Prometheus looks like Tom Hardy. I realized it wasn't him when I realized that this guy is even hotter. So, at least the film looked good, even though the plot was a mess. But because I hate to be a hater here, I'll stop now and steer you over to this review, which says it better than I could anyway. :) Time for pictures!

1 | 2 | 3

For those of you who don't like movies -- which, I don't know, I guess some people don't -- here are a few jams I love right now. I was into pop-punk in high school, and then an emo kid in college... Now, I like listening to music that makes me happy. What's your favorite genre?

In other news, I'm moving in less than three weeks and I'm overwhelmed with lists upon lists. I have so much to pack and clean and do! I'm excited, though -- it's going to be a healthy change. I've been thinking about everything I'm leaving behind in this apartment... I won't elaborate, though, because that's for a future LESSONS post.

And how was my weekend, you ask?

Amazing. Can't wait to share photos.


  1. So funny. I saw Snow White and thought it was good, but could have been better (did a review of it too). Didn't want to see Prometheus, so I think we would have had the same view on that movie.

    Moving is coming up soon! So happy for you. :)

  2. Wow those guys really are look a-likes! I saw Snow White and thought it was also good but certain parts were lacking for me. Charlize rocked being so bad ass and I'm crazy for her amazing wardrobe in that movie. I'd like to see Prometheus so I'm intrigued by what you said and will maybe read some reviews about this movie although typically like you I tend to disagree with the critics anyways!

  3. Moving can be a lot of fun! I might be doing some of that myself here soon...


  4. Hotter than Tom Hardy?? He is just a cheap imitation!! I went to see Snow White this weekend too! I liked it but I must say it got significantly better when Chris Hemsworth came into it!

  5. I must agree with you, S, that Logan beats Tom! So Damn fine. Thank you for the photos! And looking forward to the Lessons post. :)

  6. Don't have time to check out the links, but good luck with the move! It can be very refreshing. Also you look super pretty in that picture. :)

    Rose Eva

  7. This guy looks way better than Tom Hardy! I always find tom Hardy a bit questionable. It's the accent I think. I'm going to see prmoetheus on Thursday, we'll see!

  8. I also saw snow white and the huntsman. That guy that plays Thor is a hotty mc hotterson. Oh my. I thought it was good too.

  9. I adore Logan Marshall Green! He's such a fierce actor. I never really thought about him resembling Tom Hardy, but it's uncanny.

    You absolutely have to see the TNT series Dark Blue. It's not on anymore, but I'm pretty sure it's on DVD. It's about a group of badass undercover LAPD cops, and besides him there's also Omari Hardwick and Dylan McDermott, who basically make for an incredibly attractive cast. It's dark and edgy and dramatic and really great. (:

    Good luck with your move! Healthy, positive changes are the best kind.

  10. mmmmmmmhh, love it

  11. I can definitely see the (sexy) resemblance. I want to see both of those movies but things have been really busy lately! Hopefully I will get to them this weekend. I often disagree with critics as well. I love Charlize Theron though so I am excited to be seeing her in so many movies lately!

  12. i never noticed how much they look alike!
    i haven't seen snow white and the huntsman yet,
    hopefully i'll get a chance soon (:
    xo, cheyenne


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