Saturday, June 23, 2012

List :: Summer Goals 2012

Now that it's officially summer, I've made a list of (just-for-fun) goals to accomplish. Here they are, along with a yummy 'chicken' salad I had today and couldn't help but share. You know me...

Visit at least 2 beaches I've never been
Go on 3 weekend trips
Drink homemade Arnold Palmers
Get my hair done
Watch a new movie once a week
Donate to Salvation Army
Learn how to make sushi
Live in skirts and dresses
Go on a hike
Re-watch the entire Dexter series
Go to a rooftop bar in Hollywood
Put avocados on everything
Learn how to edit videos
Discover a new froyo obsession/creation

What are your summer plans?


  1. Omg that "chicken" salad looks so yummy! And have you been to any rooftop bars in Hollywood? I went to Elevate and I was kind of unimpressed...I mean, I would think that they'd be open and outside but it's not. They are usually indoors :/ I loved the rooftop club in Vegas called Pure, that was awesome.

  2. Sounds like all doable goals! Wishing you a fantastic summer!

  3. Awesome list! I'm so behind on Dexter it's not even funny! Relaxing, hitting the beach more often, and keeping up on my pedi appts are on my summer list. :)

  4. What a fun list! I don't usually make one or summer but maybe I should!

  5. That's a great list of goals, it's always important to have goals and something to aim for and achieve.

  6. Love this list! I want to do watch a movie every week!!!

  7. Nice list, lady! I have already started putting avocados on everything. They are sooo good. If you learn how to make sushi, you will definitely have to write a post about it. This summer, I am planning on watching every "Twin Peaks" episode (thank you, Netflix) and drinking as much iced green tea as possible.

  8. I need to do this too. Those are fun items.

  9. Ooooh! The salad looks delish! I concur with this list and am willing to be a partner in crime in some of them or whatever! =) -Jessica

  10. Love rooftop bars! I plan on doing at least 3 things I've never done before this summer :)

  11. A good list of goals! I particularly like the Dexter goal, that's what I spent last summer doing and I thouroughly enjoyed it! SO excited for the new season.

    Emily Jane xo

  12. Donating to the Salvation Army was on my list of goals this summer, as well. I'm getting that taken care of on Wednesday when they come to pick up our old couch. It took three guys to load the damn thing up the stairs! Can't wait to move the new, red couch in this weekend. Good luck accomplishing all of your goals!

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  13. Your chicken salad looks delicious! I want to do the weekend trips, rooftop bar and hike as well.

  14. Aww I love you're list...! My favorite is the first one! I love going to the beach and just seeing different ones. It's fun to explore :)

  15. That is definitely a fun list! You know, I never put "fun" stuff on mine. It's all serious! I need to throw in some fun things every once in a while...

    Christen :>

  16. Love your plans, lists and highlighters. I also recommend making sure you visit your aunt and grandmother in Northern Cali this summer.

  17. I like the idea of making it a check off list. I might have to do that for myself and tape it somewhere I see it all the time.

  18. everything sound fun and they all seem doable and you have all summer to get them done. good luck!


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