Friday, June 1, 2012

Look :: Woman Project / Oprah Inspired

When J of Life in Lavender invited me to participate in her week-long blog event, The Woman Project, I immediately chose someone I'd been wanting to learn more about anyway: Oprah Winfrey. She's normally not seen as a style icon, but an icon she is. We all know her for her talk show, subsequent magazine and TV network. As a woman who suffered a painful childhood and went on to independently build her career from the ground up, I see her as a great inspiration. She positively influences women and happens to be fashionable!

While doing research for this project, I found two videos I had to share. The first is when she surprised Ellen on Ellen, and the second is Oprah's interview with Ricky Martin after he came out. Not only is he still super hot, but I was totally pulled in by the interview and now I want to read his book. :) I'm officially addicted to Oprah now... yikes!

As for her sense of style, I've noticed lots of sparkles, bright colors and big hair. When Oprah wears a full suit, it's usually skirted and in a bold shade. While in pants, she keeps it feminine with jewelry and a pretty top. My favorite accessory, however, may be her facial expressions. :) Here's my take...

Outfit details: Suit, bracelet, pumps - Ann Taylor. Lace top - Kohl's. Necklace - Items. (You can't really tell, but the suit is sparkly!)

Outfit details: Watch - Michael Kors. Pants - AT. Pumps - Target. Top - Swapped from Liesel. (A punch of color to keep it fresh!)

Outfit details: Just kidding, this isn't an outfit. This is me attempting to make my hair look like Oprah's. It clearly didn't work out, and my face isn't as cute either. I'm not even sure why this photo exists.

On a prettier note, it's June and I'm anticipating a big month of healthy change both on and off-line. A few things coming up on the blog: a week of posts dedicated to my weekend in Santa Barbara, my summer goals, a special recipe and some fun giveaways! Later today I'll be updating my sidebar with new sponsors, and this weekend I'll be working on the new LESSONS post that I promised you.

As always, thank you for paying attention to my blog and accepting all sides of me -- the happy and sad, the sweet and sour, the quiet and very very loud.

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  1. I think you imitated Oprah's style pretty well! she does seem to dress professionally but with a modern, fashionable touch. love the gold pumps in the first outfit :)

  2. oprah is so amazing :)
    and you pulled off her style perfectly!
    i love the second outfit.
    xo, cheyenne

  3. June is going to be a wonderful month!

  4. Oh, Oprah..... she really is such a major female figure! What a fun project!

  5. Hahahaha...I've always been in awe of Oprah's outfits! She dresses impeccably and she really is a truly amazing human being! And I loved that on Ellen!

  6. :D love the O!

  7. Love this post! I have never was a huge fan of oprah but loved her skill and ambition. She is a powerhouse, this post makes me want to embrace her and look into what she is up too! You work girl! You are amazing keep on being fabulous!

    With Love,

  8. You are hilarious! I love Oprah too! I also love the movie The Color Purple, which is what made me an Oprah fan. Also, your attempt at big hair was nice! -Jessica


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