Monday, June 18, 2012

Loves :: June Sponsors

While coming up with my summer sale last month, I decided to change the ad sizes and perks of being a sponsor as well. I'm so appreciative of the bloggers and shops on my sidebar; it's only fair that I give them the attention they deserve! If you're interested in sponsoring The Loudmouth Lifestyle yourself, ads are still 50% off in July. The large spot is already reserved, but there are plenty of medium and small to go around! Please e-mail me with any questions or to secure your spot. Anyway, here's a little bit about each of my current sponsors!

If you like my LESSONS feature, you'll love Shannon of Awash With Wonder. I instantly fell in love with her inspiring, thought-provoking words. Her posts are so beautifully written and I guarantee you'll get lost in them, too! ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin' | Blog

Gigi's blog, Searching for Something, is right up my alley! Cute outfits, yummy food, fun memories... I couldn't ask for more. Her 'something you may not know' feature is my favorite! She would be totally fun to hang with in person. ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin' | Blog

Fenn of Short Girl Blogs has been a repeat sponsor of mine, and I'm so grateful for her support! I love her brutal honesty -- she's kinda like me without a filter. She also made me an adorable monster plushie (see it on my bed here). ♥ Photography | Twitter | Animals | Blog

Charmisma's blog Charismatic Concepts is a beautiful variety of music, travel, and personal posts. The way that she captures personalities in her photographs is amazing! I think her name is super cool and unique, too. ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog

I've been a Modcloth affiliate for awhile now, and it's become one of my favorite shopping sites to lust after. Their selection of cute dresses is absolutely endless! ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Shop

I'm a big fan of glasses -- and sunglasses, too! Sunglasses Shop has pretty much every brand, shape and style under the sun. If you want a pair of new sunnies for summer, I'm sure you'll find one (or five) here! They have prescription, too... ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Mag | Shop

I just received this cute dress from OASAP and I'm excited to style it for summer! I suggest checking out the company's Fashion Hunter program here. ♥ Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Shop


  1. so many exciting sponsorships! :) love Modcloth's range of clothing <3

  2. Aww, thank you for the shout out, love! It is great to know I am among so many other awesome sponsors as well!

  3. My favorite part about this is some great blogs have been previewed and recommended. Takes the trouble out of clicking and this something I'd be interested in?
    Food, fashion, fun? Count me in!
    Great sponsors and I LOVE Modcloth! Yay!

  4. Congrats on your growing sponsor list- You work hard and it shows.

  5. Yay for sponsor love! I have been looking into getting some sponsors, but I have NO idea how to go about doing so.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. It's so nice that you are featuring your sponsors in a post like this. Now I'm off to check out a couple of their sites!


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