Monday, July 2, 2012

Look Again :: 5 Looks with a Poncho Cape

Call it what you want to call it -- this piece (from ASOS) has become a closet staple since I added it to my wardrobe late last year (I wish it was still available for you, but here's a similar one). It's perfect for layering and adds a little something extra to every outfit I pair it with.

Here's how you've seen it styled in the past.

I love wearing something long on top with something short on bottom; it's a perfect balance! I decided to go with that combination the first time I wore this poncho cape. It goes gorgeously well with almost any color, including my pink scalloped shorts and red long-sleeved tee.

I'm all about comfort, so wrapping myself in cozy layers and a long skirt was only natural for brunch back in March. I added a few bangles in complimentary colors to complete the look.

Soon spring arrived and, appropriate for the season, I wore this piece with shades of yellow. I packed it for a family vacay, and I'm so glad I did; it was worn multiple times throughout the week.

I wore this for wine tasting last month, and I've repeated the outfit since. The combination of these items results in a look that's all at once fun, functional, comfy and cute -- if I do say so myself! My sister was in town at the time, and she decided to sneakily wear the poncho cape the next day. I didn't even notice at first...

Here she is, wearing it over a bright red dress. I'd love to know how it looks with purple, too. I'll have to try that and share the results. ;) I'm looking for more ideas... Do you have any?

And, just for fun, I'd love to know what you'd call this piece. ASOS described it as a cape, but I think it's more of a poncho. Then, Yvonna used the term 'poncho cape' in a comment, and that has stuck with me! It could also be seen as a shawl though, or a wrap... Hmm...

By the way, this is a new blog feature.


  1. I love this new feature! It drives me crazy when bloggers never remix their clothing. Not only is constantly buying new clothing impractical for a girl with a budget like myself, but I also think it takes all the creativity out of styling an outfit.

    Not sure what I would call this, but "poncho cape" works pretty well :)

  2. I adore the first look- you look so elegant! Wonderful. :)

  3. I love the hippie like style with the long skirt! I would so mimic that look. And of course it's super stunning with that red dress!!

  4. I love it with the yellow! Such a great style clash!

  5. Great new feature and such a versatile piece, am loving the boho vibe! x

  6. Love how you remixed this article of clothing, especially something funky like a poncho (cape)!

  7. Ponchos are a great detail! And it so important for a piece to be versatile, and these are great!

  8. Ponchos usually are closed in the front, but I'd say this is a poncho regardless. It's got that poncho vibe! Very cute too.

  9. I've noticed all the lovely ways you've been styling your poncho! It's made up of so many colors it can go with so much!


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