Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life :: The Nines and Beautiful Things

Within the past few weeks, I went to a couple shows that I just have to share. First off, I saw The Nines (Chris, Amy and Joe) perform at Whisky A Go Go! It might have been their best show yet. :) I also took these photos of the boys in our living room recently. It was supposed to be a serious session for an album cover, but of course, they couldn't stop laughing...

Then, I got to see Beautiful Things (Dina) at the iconic and beautiful House of Blues. I want to re-visit simply to enjoy the decor. This also may have been Dina's best show, too. Seriously!

Seeing my talented friends play in Hollywood is always magical. Check out their albums on Amazon here + here, and their Facebook pages here + here. Now I'm just waiting for Chris and Dina to collaborate!


  1. looks fun! love live music- best when your friends play in bands and peform- makes it easy to take the time to go~

  2. I love music posts! I miss going to live shows, I used to go all of the time. Off to check out the album links! xo

  3. Okay, will have to check out Chris's and Dina's music some time! Looks like a good time. Believe it or not, I haven't even been to the Whiskey and House of Blues in L.A. ;) -Jess


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