Monday, November 19, 2012

Lurk :: Before They Were Famous

I hope I'm not the only one who does this. No, let me fix that -- I know I'm not the only one who does this. Thanks to Amber's post here from a year ago, I don't feel like I'm alone in my addiction. And don't worry, I'm not talking about drugs or alcohol -- even though I started this post last night while drinking $2 wine straight from the bottle. Oops.

I'm talking about reading blogs. Like, from start to finish. No peer pressure here, um, at all -- but you have to try it. You'll feel as if you're catching up on your favorite TV series. Which is especially cool for someone who doesn't have TV (ahem, yours truly).

Here are five bloggers that I've gone back and read about from the beginning. Sorry to be a creeper, ladies, but it's all in love.

When Tieka of Selective Potential first started blogging, she was married and attending school in Grand Rapids -- yes, the same college town as mine! It's fun reading her past posts because I recognize so many of my old favorite haunts. I wonder if I ever saw her, and just didn't know!? Also, she was blonde and had a septum piercing. Cool!

Emily's blog-turned-book Cupcakes and Cashmere started as a compilation of clothes, accessories and home decor items that she liked. It seems to me that it was more of a wishlist than a personal style blog. After a few months, outfits began to emerge! Her descriptive writing style and bright, inviting smile haven't changed.

The DIY blog A Beautiful Mess by sisters Emma and Elsie started out as a lifestyle one written by Elsie alone. At the time, she was creating products for a scrapbooking company while also selling paintings. She posted lots of personal photos of her friends, family and art. Emma was living in Los Angeles, but eventually moved back to their hometown of Springfield, Missouri, and the two joined forces.

Keiko Lynn and boyfriend Bobby were cute as ever back in the day, don't you agree? Keiko shared personal stories, sewed clothes, and put together the most amazing layers. Photos of her pup, Miku, were abundant. All of these things could still be said of her blog now!

Kaelah's older posts over at Little Chief Honeybee make me a little nostalgic. She wrote them while she was in college and recovering from an on-again, off-again relationship. She took outfit photos with her iPhone and shared the details of her daily life. As a fellow Aries, I feel like some her words could have come from my own mouth!

Are you a blog lurker? Do you have any new ones to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: All photos shared were found at their respective blogs in public posts. Descriptions are based on my personal opinion.* :)


  1. I love going back to the first few posts on my favorite blogs and seeing how far they've come. I did this on Kendi Everyday and my mind was blown. Most of her outfit photos were taken with a self-timer in her living room, and now her professional photographer husband takes her pictures and she has 16,000 followers. It's nuts!

    I also did this with your blog when I first started following along :)

  2. Yeah, I might be a tad guilty of doing this! Can't help it!

  3. i admit i'm still in the process of doing this with your blog, (the jig is up!) It accrued to me the other day when i thought 'was this blog ALWAYS this awesome?' feeling a little intimidated as a blogger myself...I got to wondering if i was the only one who had awkward early posts and felt confused with direction and didn't have super fancy awesome photos.

    So it was great going backwards, helped reassure me that everything really is a process. It grows and it evolves and that everyone is just...everyone, learning and living :)

    These long ago pictures of Kealah are amazing! i read her older posts but i think i had only started after she left collage so seeing the ol' signature 'bathroom background with iphone else portrait' made me oOoOo and Ah. Now my curiosity is peeked! lol

  4. great post! Full of inspiring looks across the board! love!

  5. omg. this is literally the coolest post EVER. It's so great to see that bigger name bloggers started out small just like everyone else. great post stephanie! thank you :)

    xox, amber

  6. Only one of these I follow is A Beautiful Mess but this post is pretty amazing! I never thought about it, but yea I totally need to read my favorite blogs from start to finish!

  7. mm yep, totally do this. although i've never gone alllll the way back to the start. however, i move next week to a new apartment and we won't have tv.. so looks like your idea just saved the day! if anyone ever did this with me (you know, since i assume i'll have that 16,000 followers thing any day now..) they would have to detective work it up and find my tumblr, since that was where i started blogging. or, i suppose they'd have to see this comment and not be as much of a detective. love your honesty as always, xo

  8. haha it's interesting to see what the big bloggers were like back in the day! looks like Keiko Lynn was always mega adorable <3

  9. I can so relate! I've also backread a lot of my favorite bloggers' archives. So interesting to see how they all started. :)

  10. Thanks for doing this I might go back and check out some of my favourite blogger's first posts. I Imagine it's cool seeing the transformation in both their style and their writing style as well.

    Great post!

    The new look

  11. They all look really young and beautiful and it was good reading your post.

  12. Aah! I've been reading Keiko, Kaelah, & Tieka's blog forever!! Great post, lady. It's always fun to see where people started. xoxo

  13. Yes, I love peeking back to see the beginnings of my favorite blogs!

  14. i love going back to old entries, it's fun always fun and interesting to see peoples developments! and a bit reassuring that everyone starts out small (:
    xo, cheyenne

  15. I've done this for a few blogs, but none of the ones you posted about. I really liked this post! It was cool to learn these things and it makes me want to creep on other bloggers now! ;)

  16. I once went back to the beginning and read every post by Elizabeth at It's interesting to see how her both her writing and clothing styles have evolved over time. :)


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