Friday, December 7, 2012

List :: Dear Santa

These are my favorite winter photos ever, and were taken in February 2008 by this beautiful lady. I'm not sure what they have to do with this post, except that they took place within the same season as Christmas. Oh, and the Pontiac Vibe in that last photo is my old car, which is red. I know I'm reaching here. But, yep, that's me walking on a frozen Lake Michigan. If you ever get the chance to try it, please do.

Anyway! Enough nostalgia. I wanted to share some of my Christmas wishes this year. I hope no one takes this seriously, though -- I already have more than enough stuff. So, those of you who were planning on getting me anything, don't worry. You don't have to. Money would be good, though. I have a Paypal account. Just sayin'.

In all seriousness, I'll probably be getting myself one (or five) of these things. Especially since I found so many coupon codes! Tell me what you like in the comments so we can gush about it together. ♥

First off -- and this is the most important thing here, so feel free to skip the rest -- Craft Coffee. I'm thanking Jesus for speaking to me through Kaelah Bee on this one. I was never interested in 'sub boxes' until I found out there's one for my biggest love in life. Can't get through the day without it! Oh, and you can get 10% off with the code HONEYBEEGIFT on an any holiday gift through the 23rd. The photo is from her blog, too!

I found Noel Ill Art through Kate's blog, and I'm seriously lusting for this print right now. So gorgeous.

Speaking of Kate, she has her own pretty shops. I bought her 2012 calendar last year, so I may have to get one for 2013! I have a bunch of her prints, too. She's incredibly talented. You can get 10% off anything of hers with the code BRILLIANT!

I found this print by clicking to another one by the same shop at this home tour. I don't think the artist meant to quote The Weeknd but he definitely has more than one song with this line in it. Awesome!

Much Love Illy's Etsy shop has the cutest accessories. I'm obsessed with her headbands and bows, especially this one. I found a coupon for free shipping with code SANTASAYS, but I'm pretty sure it was only good yesterday -- which doesn't really help you, um, today. Sorries!

This gorgeously simple-yet-sexy body harness by Moorea Seal is definitely at the top of my list. Clearly, bloggers with shops are my fave. Get 15% off with the code AMB15 (via A Beautiful Mess).

Speaking of sexy, let's talk about these thigh-high stockings from Karmaloop. OMG. I'm in love! I want them so badly. They're not a bad price, either, at $8 and $12 each -- plus you can get 20% off with code KAELAH (via Little Chief Honeybee again).

Okay, how freakin' cute is this pink leather jacket from Amelia Cake's shop? I try not to purchase too much leather for my wardrobe -- but since this is secondhand, I might be able to make an exception. Plus, it's pink. PINK. Did I mention that already?

I've been wanting one of these Giant Dwarf crowns forever. I found a coupon for 25% off with code COPPER but I'm not sure if it's still good. Anyone wanna test it out for me!?

So, I totally thought this was called an 'infinity scarf' but it's actually a snood. I'd ask someone to explain this difference to me, but I feel like I'm asking a lot of you guys today. I'll Google it. Anyway, I want one.

I also want this nail polish. I think I'm going to add 'paint nails more' to my list of 2013 resolutions. I only do it once or twice a month. So, 90% of the time, my nails are chipped and nasty. Other people probably care way more than I do about their appearance.

Um, these little hats are super adorable. I kinda just want them for my wine glasses year-round. And the more wine I drink, the more funny they would become, right?

Here's another print. I've always loved this quote. ♥

Speaking of nerdy, I adore this pair of vintage cat eye glasses!

And here's a few cases to choose from.

Sigh, these sweet sparkly things from Ruche would be perfect for the holidays!! I don't know which pair of shorts to choose, but the top would go preciously with both, yes? So fun.

Oh, and here's a gorgeous Michael Kors watch to add to the outfit!

And a pair of simple, classy gold earrings too. We don't wanna get too crazy here! These from My Jewelry Box would balance it all out.

I also gotta mention that Anthropologie is offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more with code GIVEGREAT. In my experience, they rarely have sales -- so get on that while you can! These two pieces are so different, but so awesome. The colors of that dress remind me of fruit salad, ha! And the hoodie looks so comfy cozy. I may have to get that one.

Okay, one last set of pretty stuff, and then I'm done coveting for awhile! My Modcloth wishlist has almost 100 items on it, but here are six. And, right now, orders of $125 or more receive a free Holiday Gala Grab Bag packed with $50 worth of goodies!


  1. How sweet your 2008 adorable small chested self looked in the Michegan snow. How lucky she is that she turned into fabulous you?

    That star crown needs to be yours, stat. Happy Holiday, lovely loud mouth Steph!

  2. I've been wanting one of those star crowns for awhile also. I got some single stars on pins at an art show Abdul now um determined to make one of my own.

  3. omg 'Talk Nerdy To Me' could be my theme lol also, those stockings! YES ma'am! :D

  4. Love those photos of you! Ok, I love the idea of a pink leather jacket and that nail polish! How unique! Also love the polka dot blouse.

  5. such lovely photos! and i think i love everything on your list.
    that star crown is amazing!
    xo, cheyenne

  6. there are too many great things in here!


  7. Love the star crown! It totally indulges my girly side!
    PS-That is a great hair style on you in the first few pics, even if it is do you always have such amazing hair?

  8. Um, if we went shopping together, that would be dangerous?! I love a lot of these things! Thigh highs- no matter what kind- are a fav of mine. I also am drooling over that green rabbit cardi. And I think you look amazing in 2008 with that to-die for coat! That's what I miss about living in colder states: getting to wear all the winter gear. And I love that nose ring! If I wasn't in the military, I would have have one! "Just sayin"! -Jess

  9. Looove that green sweater from Modcloth and the wine glass santa hats!! So cute!!

  10. Okay- I can completely see you wearing the star crown!!! I say that one is a must!!!!!

  11. Frozen lakes are my fave. I'm partial to Erie, of course, but I bet Michigan is pretty fucking great.

  12. you look so cute
    very nice list!! loved the nails and the tights <3



  13. Some seriously cool picks, I love the craft coffee and the cat eye glasses, very cool!

  14. I freaked out inside when I saw the first pic thinking you cut your hair, ha! Great post, I'll be spending some time looking thru these Etsy shops for sure. PS My 4yr old daughter just squealed Oooooooo when she saw the gorgeous horse print, love it :).


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