Thursday, December 6, 2012

Look :: Cashmere + Leopard

Outfit details: Sweater, necklace, pants, pumps - AT. Ring - Macy's.

Brandon's shindigs aren't new to the blog. You saw his birthday party and accompanying Vegas trip over the summer -- along with the bowling adventure he planned and the Pride outing he organized. In addition, he hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner, which I recently learned is known as 'Friendsgiving' by bloggers. Brandon puts so much time, effort and love into what he does that it's no surprise he has a bigger turnout every year!

I'd actually forgotten about my cashmere cowl-neck until I saw this outfit -- and then subconsciously copied it, sans blue shoes. I decided leopard would have to do. I purchased most of this outfit throughout the three years that I worked for Ann Taylor; I have that company to thank for my obscene amount of clothing.


  1. really pretty sweater. brandon sounds like a pretty cool guy. glad you had a good time :) i love cashmere... i always scout for it when i'm thrifting. most of my favorite cashmere sweaters now have holes, and my bf gets so mad when i wear them (because i "look like a hobo") but i just can't give them up. even with holes, they are so cozy....

    lovely post dear <3


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