Sunday, December 23, 2012

Look :: Michigan / Wedding White

Outfit details: Dress, jacket, bracelet - AT. Tights - We Love Colors. Watch - MK. Boots - Payless. Nail polish - Essie "In Stiches"

Okay, so these are all from the Saturday of my trip (over a week ago, whoa). My parents, sister, her boyfriend and I went to our friend Rachel's wedding. She and her hubby Jordan are so young and adorable! It was easy to see how excited they were. Her older sister Jennifer is my age and it was wonderful catching up with her. We went to the same college and I've only seen her a few times since then, but when we do get together it's as if no time has passed. Our families have that type of relationship. My mom has known Eileen, the bride's mother, since they were kids. The two of them, along with their friends Karen and Serena, have stayed in touch for years. They still meet up for every birthday. So Sex and the City, right!?

As for my sister Liz and her man, Nick -- they are seriously the cutest couple. They were friends for years but she's taller than him, so she thought he wouldn't be interested in her. Turns out he was thinking the same thing about his own height! One fateful night someone decided to set insecurities aside, take the risk, and make a move. The rest is history. I'm pretty sure they're next in line to get married. And my parents? Well, they're the best example of a couple that I could ask for. They're not perfect, but they're close. Very close. (Sidenote: My sister obviously decided to dye her hair after these photos. She wanted me to put a disclaimer on that post about her roots. Ha!)

Anyway, the wedding was early, so I got home and still had hours before bedtime -- which, let's face it, sleep doesn't really happen for me during these visits. :) The plan was to go out with my favorite set of twins, Megan and Melissa. ♥ Megsy and I began our evening at Caribou Coffee, where we used to spend hours upon hours of our lives back in high school. Being there definitely brought back a flood of happy memories. We moved on to Chili's next door, and then went to Art and Jake's for drinks. Other friends met up with us along the way, including Lissa. It was so nice seeing those girls. I know we'll always be a part of each others' lives. I'm grateful for them.


  1. love your silky wedding wear lady! :D

  2. I want to see a shot of that dress on its own!

  3. You've got some great pics here! Love the portrait of the older couple.

  4. Loving the vibrant color of your tights and the structure of your blazer! What a cute outfit! The story of your sis and her bf is way too adorable. They look very happy :)

  5. I love the background for the outfit! It really brings the warmth of the colors out! Of course, I love your outfit too! Your friends are like my 2 bffs in L.A., believe it or not, there are nice girls in L.A.! I've come and gone for years, disappeared for years, and then come back knowing that I'm always welcome and that we'll always be friends. That is a great feeling. And your parents are too cute! -Jess


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