Thursday, March 7, 2013

Look + Lunch :: San Diego, Day Two

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Outfit details: Sunnies - Gucci. Shirt - F21 (similar). Jeans - AT. Booties - Target. Watch - MK. Bag - c/o this program by OASAP.

Whoa, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since these photos were taken! I guess I've just been really busy with this thing called 'work' that I need to do in order to pay that stuff we call 'bills.' And even though today was one of my days off -- I've been getting Thursdays and Sundays, which I love -- I've spent most of it watching The Following starring Kevin Bacon, who was in Footloose, which I was in during my high school theatre days. (Holy run-on sentence.)

So, let's talk about day two of two of my visit with Miss Jessica! We started it with a delicious veggie egg scramble that she graciously made for us, with fruit and Keurig coffee on the side. Then we were off to Wal-Mart, where I stocked up on $84 worth of workout clothes. Can you believe it was my first time shopping at that magical place? I came home with four pairs of bottoms, three pairs of socks, a top and the comfiest pair of athletic shoes imaginable. That may sound excessive, but seeing as I've been wearing the same stuff to the gym since college, it was time for a change.

After donning one of the outfits I'd just purchased, we were off to the dog park with Stella and Liberty, two-thirds of Jessica's precious pup clan. They were quite excited and clearly, so was I, seeing as I took an entire photoshoot of them in the car on our way there. After our 1.5 mile walk, we were hungry for a snack, and stopped at Fiji Yogurt for another dose of froyo. Then we headed back to her place so we could get dolled up for lunch in Old Town.

We ended up eating at Casa de Reyes, which was the second best Mexican place I've ever been to (next to Sol y Luna). After sipping margaritas and stuffing our faces with chips, salsa and enchiladas, we officially dubbed ourselves full. Unfortunately, after checking in via FourSquare, we were entitled a free batch of churros. Of course, I can't deny free food, so we ate those too. Well, we each had one, and I took the rest home, which I munched on over the next few days.

Then, we peeked into a bunch of shops until it was time for us to say our goodbyes. Jess made me one last coffee for the road and I began my journey back up to LA. It barely took me two hours, so just FYI, leaving after 6pm on a Sunday is a good idea. I think the traffic had all passed by then. At any rate, my weekend was amazing and I can't wait until the next time I get to visit my lovely friend. Jessica is the best hostess and just a wonderful person all around. I'm really lucky to have found her, and I wouldn't have if it weren't for this little blog.

PS: Please excuse the zits in those photos of us. We're keepin' it real here, folks. ;) ♥


  1. Another great post by you! You seem to be able to say what I can't! And I have been craving more Fiji froyo ever since we had it. I haven't had it in forever, since I saved my cheat days for that weekend! So excited about Disneyland/your birthday! -Jess

  2. Please tell your friend that I'm fostering a little pup who is the mini version of the smaller dog in the pictures! And that little one is kind of a mini version of the larger one.. so if she wants a fourth dog that is guaranteed to look perfect in the photos.. hahah I'm fostering her with Dogs Without Borders based in LA. In related news: great post! I just did this drive recently and it was much easier than I thought! Glad you all had fun! (she can see Lady here: ) xo

  3. You said "free churro's". Cute outfit + free food. Now thats an awesome day.

  4. Awww her doggies are so cute! And new gym clothes are my favorite form of motivation! I really want a new pair of Nikes and I need new workout pants because I'm shrinking >.< Looks like a great weekend, I've only had a churro was magical!

  5. What a fun time and I love Mexican food! There's this incredible place that my family and I used to go to but I can't remember the name, it's been years! If I remember I'll be sure to mention it to you.

  6. You just started watching "The Following" too?! It's so creepy, but I can't look away. Also, I am 97.6% sure that I ate at that same Mexican restaurant in 2009 when my family and I went to San Diego for my brother's graduation from boot camp. Sooo good.

  7. To anyone who saw my most recent post, which has since been deleted: I want to express my sincere apologies. I did not write that post. It was an email sent to me by a friend and I was saving it here. It was not meant to be published or seen. I'm sorry if it hurt anyone, and I'm sorry for the confusion!


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