Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Look :: Three Sundays Ago

 photo easter7.png
 photo easter8.png
 photo easter19.png
 photo easter3.png
 photo easter4.png
 photo easter5.png
 photo easter6.png
 photo easter9.png
 photo easter10.png
 photo easter11.png
 photo easter12.png
 photo easter1.png
 photo easter2.png
 photo easter13.png
 photo easter14.png
 photo easter15.png
 photo easter16.png
 photo easter17.png
 photo easter18.png

Outfit details: Hat - Love Melrose. Jeans, pumps - AT. Top - Kohl's. Jacket - Buffalo Exchange. Watch - MK. Glasses - Warby Parker.

It's hard to believe that Easter was only a few weeks ago when so much has happened since then! I normally don't get to spend holidays with family, so I was honored to be able to join Celeste's for a delicious dinner. Her dad is a vegetarian, so there were plenty of options for me to fill my plate with -- plus lots of snacks and goodies too. Celeste's parents' home was adorably decorated, and it was cool getting to peek into her childhood. I feel like we would have become friends no matter what age we met at. I'm very grateful to have people like Celeste and Adam in my life.

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