Friday, May 10, 2013

List :: 26 before 27 (finally!)


Oh my gosh, it's been so long since my last post and I have so much to share! First off, here's my brand new birthday list. Seeing as I turned 26 over a month ago, I figured I should kick off my catching up with this! If you post your own goal lists, please tweet me the link. I'd love to see!

1) Finish organizing + decorating my bedroom + bathroom.

2) Donate $$$ to charity.

3) Write a comedy sketch.

4) Be in a rap video.

5) Complete a mini scrapbook.

6) Pay off my car.

7) Get promoted at work.

8) Teach an e-course.

9) Visit San Diego (for the third time), Las Vegas (for the fourth time), Austin (for the first time), and Orlando (for the first time in 20+ years).

10) Practice manual photography.

11) Make 10 vlogs.

12) Record a song.

13) Go to Coachella in 2014.

14) Be in a film.

15) Work out 5x per week.

16) Get my first tattoo.

17) Start writing a book.

18) Go grocery shopping every week.

19) Try a new restaurant every other week.

20) See girlfriends outside of work.

21) Purge my closet once per season.

22) Pay off one credit card.

23) Be intentional about what I share on-line.

24) Host more parties (especially themed ones).

25) Read at least one whole book per month.

26) Go one month without dairy or gluten.

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