Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lounge :: Desk Makeover + Organization

 photo desk12.png

I'm always rushing. I get home, I get ready, and then I'm out and on to the next thing. My bedroom is rarely used for more than sleeping, yet I still have a desk. Even though I haven't sat at it in months, it was only $5 and I've had it for 3 years. It's survived 4 moves, 3 phones and 2 computers. How could I give it up now?

So, while the desk still stands, I might as well make it pretty.

 photo instaroom1-1.jpg

This is how I set it up when I first moved here back in December. I thought it looked good, but it wasn't very functional and I wanted to add more color. Plus, I never showed you what was going on underneath...

 photo desk13.png

Yikes! Major organization was needed here. I'm a packrat and a clutterbug and I keep absolutely everything. I continue to get better as I get older, but it's still hard for me to throw things away. What you see here was an unkempt home for old receipts, half-used scrapbooking supplies, blank holiday cards, unwatched DVDs, credit card statements and random decorations.

 photo desk1.png

I ended up using an entire day off to redo it all. Of course, this included a Target trip for some crucial supplies. Like, that unicorn, for instance.

 photo desk3.png
 photo desk7.png
 photo desk9.png
 photo desk10.png
 photo desk6.png
 photo desk5.png

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