Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen :: Spending Diet + Happy Playlist

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So, this post is a little random, but I recently discovered And Then We Saved (through a post at Exceptionally Ordinary) and I wanted to share this treasure with you! Anna is the babe behind the blog, and she's either a genius or just really persuasive. Because of her, I've decided to go on a Spending Diet for August -- and hopefully the rest of the year, and beyond! (Anna's more popular and more effective system is a Spending Fast, but it's way too intense for me.)

The first thing I did was figure out exactly how much debt I have right now. And I won't share that with you, but -- between student loans, my car, and seven credit cards -- you can probably guess that it's a lot.

Then, I made the following list of wants and needs. I get $100 per month to spend on my wants. Woo-hoo!

 photo wants-and-needs-list-1.png

Here they are again, along with one more necessity I forgot...

Apartment decor
Clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.
Coffee from coffee shops, eating out, bars
Gifts for friends + family
New makeup
Movies (DVDs, going to the theatre...)
Music (CDs, DLs, concerts)
Blog advertising + design
Hair appointments
Books + magazines

Rent + utilities
Cell phone
Gym membership + training sessions
Prescriptions + medical stuff
Car insurance, gas, repairs, maintenance
Box hair dye
Eyebrow appointments (very much needed right now)
Mandatory work events that will be reimbursed
Laundry + dry cleaning

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Therefore, I went to Target for the last time today. I got myself a sock money because I probably can't have a cat until I'm 37 now. Boo. But, in all honesty, this 'diet' is going to be really good for me and my happiness, and I don't think it's going to be that hard. $100 is actually a lot when you think about it, but we spend it so easily. If I can halfway complete a shopping ban, I can do this. ;) Believe it or not, I'm really excited for this new project!

A Happy Playlist by STEPHANIE SHAR on Grooveshark

Anna has tons of other tips on her blog too, including a post about getting out of a rut. I'd like to add one more item to her list -- jam out to your favorite happy songs! (No emo allowed.) Here's 10 for you.

*First photo credit.
**Background of my list is this tote c/o My Geeky Boyfriend.
***Kitty is Brandon's roommate's. I'm obsessed.

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