Saturday, July 27, 2013

Look + Lunch :: Family Staycation / Day 2

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Outfit details: Sunglasses - gift from my mom. Michigan tee - gift from Fenn. Vest - Nephew's. Hoodie, bracelet, jeans - AT. Bag - Salvo. Sandals - Target. Flower ring - Crimson + Clover, won in a giveaway at The Citizen Rosebud. Stone ring - Flashbacks, purchased on this trip. Necklace my mom is wearing - Modcloth, borrowed from me. :)

The fam and I had a full second day while they were here in town. We started off with the LA Zoo, then had lunch at The Village and then relaxed for a bit before heading down to Santa Monica. We hung out at the pier and people-watched, then went for dinner at Pizza Antica. I swear, I spoiled my parents by choosing the best food places. ;) The only thing missing was my beautiful sister -- but word on the street is that she's visiting this fall!

Sorry guys, not too many words this time. But doesn't everyone just look at the pictures anyway? Don't lie to me...

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