Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Look + Lunch :: Family Staycation / Day 4

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Outfit details: Blazer, tank, shorts (cut from jeans myself) - Ann Taylor. Sunnies, sandals - Target. Bag - Salvo. Headband - Forever 21 (similar). Necklace - c/o Kranich's. Exclamation ring - Wendy Brandes.

These were taken on the fourth and final day of my parents' visit a few weeks ago (see one, two, three). We drove down to Malibu to see The Getty Villa, a beautiful museum by the beach. I'd been there twice before -- the first with my mom back in 2011, and the second on a date in 2012 (the guy never called me back, thank God). We had a great time peeking at the artifacts, strolling through the gardens and gazing into glimmering pools. The architecture, as always, was my favorite part; it's absolutely stunning, no?

After that, we drove farther north to Santa Barbara (my favorite!) for food, drinks and shopping. We enjoyed a happy hour feast at Sharkeez before popping into a few stores on State Street. My mom bought my brother a pair of new kicks from Vans, and as they were looking around, I ended up finding a purse and wallet that I loved. My Salvation Army bag was on it's last leg, so I justified the purchase. After a bit of arguing over the bill, though, my mom insisted on paying for it all. Have I mentioned how wonderfully kind and generous she is?

Then, sadly, it was time for us to part ways. My parents and brother were headed to San Francisco to visit my Aunt Eva and Grandmother Theresa. We were all teary-eyed, and I had to keep myself from bawling as I drove back to LA. I don't think they realize how much I miss them; why can't they just move here already?

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