Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look + Lunch :: San Diego / Day Two

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 photo loudmouthlifestylesandiegoday2photo17.png

Outfit details: Shorts - Forever 21. Shoes - Family Dollar. Sunglasses - c/o Sunglasses Shop. Bag - Salvation Army. Shirt - borrowed from the boyf. Rope bracelet (similar) - Florida (years ago).

Confession: Brandon and I were late to Jessica's birthday brunch because we were playing with her dogs back at the house. Well, he was playing with them while I snapped cute photos. It was the most adorable thing -- one by one, they climbed up on the bed until they were all surrounding him in pure bliss. We want dogs, badly.

Once we finally got to Urban Solace (which Brandon mistakenly and hilariously called 'Urban Sauce') we indulged in hot pancakes, french toast and delicious coffee. We had a great time bonding and celebrating with Jess, along with her sister + sister's hubby, and Kristen + Kristen's boyf. Afterwards, we all popped over to Pigment next door, which ended up being a beautiful boutique of home furnishings. I wanted everything but took photos instead, as per usual.

Brandon's first trip to SD was a short one, but I know there will be many more. I'm so grateful that Jess allows me to visit her lovely home; she's the best hostess. ♥

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