Monday, August 19, 2013

LA-versary :: 10 Favorite Brunch Places

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was spent exploring LA, as per usual. Discovering new favorite spots in my city is one of my biggest hobbies, and I love sharing them with you! This September actually marks my 4-year anniversary in LA, and to celebrate, I'm starting a new blog series. For the next six weeks, I will be compiling and posting lists of the best stuff my city has to offer. This week, we're talking brunch -- my favorite meal! Here are my faves...

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-2.png
1) EAT. So yummy + hipster! (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-3.png
2) THE GRIDDLE CAFE. Best pancakes ever. (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-4.png
3) PORTO'S. Delicious coffee + pastries for cheap! (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-5.png
4) ROSCOE'S CHICKEN 'N WAFFLES. It's a tradition! (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-6.png
5) HARVEST MOON. Healthy, fresh + delicious. (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-7.jpg
6) TIARA CAFE. Cutest decor hands down. (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-8.png
7) TWAIN'S. Super classic breakfast. (Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-9.png
8) VIP'S. Watch them make the OJ fresh! (Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-10.png
9) CRAVE CAFE. Open 24 hours a day! (Website / Yelp)

 photo best-breakfast-in-la-11.png
10) HUGO'S. Vegan-friendly and crazy good! (Website / Yelp)

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