Monday, August 26, 2013

LA-versary :: 10 Favorite Lunch Places

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If you didn't already know, I've been living in LA for nearly four years now, and during that time I've eaten -- a lot. I seriously love food. So, of course, it's only natural for me to share my fave restaurants with you. Whether you're living in the area, planning to visit, or just curious as to my whereabouts (omg stalkerz), these guides are for all y'all. And just in case you missed it, the first post in my celebratory LA-versary series was about brunch (apologies for the smaller photos; that was pre-redesign). Now then, it's time for lunch!

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA2.png
1) THE VILLAGE. Cute decor + yummy sandwiches. Vegan options, too! (Website / Yelp)

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA3.png
2) CANTINA REAL. Nothing better than burritos on the beach! (Website / Yelp)

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA4.png
3) IL TRAMEZZINO. Best paninis in town! (Website / Yelp)

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4) EL TORITO. Delicious Mexican at superb happy hour prices all afternoon! (Website / Yelp)

 photo LoudmouthLifestylelovesFishDish.png
5) FISH DISH. Before my spending diet, I ate here twice a week. No joke. (Website / Yelp)

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA6.png
6) UMAMI BURGER. Scrumptious food for carnivores and vegetarians alike! (Website / Yelp)

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7) AMAZING THAI. It really is. Ask for extra spice -- I dare you! (Website / Yelp)

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8) HANAMI SUSHI. My favorite sushi that side of the Valley! (Website / Yelp)

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA9.png
9) REAL FOOD DAILY. Vegan food for the non-vegans. You'll love it! (Website / Yelp)

 photo 10FavoriteLunchRestaurantsinLA10.png
10) SWEET BUTTER. Yummy salads + sandwiches. Also, cutest name ever. (Website / Yelp)
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