Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life :: Santa Monica Sunday

 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-1.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-2.png
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 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-4.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-6.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-7.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-5.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-8.png
 photo loudmouth-lifestyle-santa-monica-9.png

Even though it took us over two hours to drive down to Santa Monica and find parking, Brandon and I had a lovely time catching up with Jacquelyn and relaxing on the sand for a bit. It was a tad overcast but that always makes for perfect photo lighting. ;) Don't mind the gross tan lines from my work shoes!

Ya know, besides the gas and parking costs, beachin' it is a fun and free way to spend an afternoon. I've been trying to come up with more ideas to get social without getting broke. Tweet me some if you have 'em!
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