Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Look :: Summer's End

 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty8.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty9.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty10.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty11.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty12.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty13.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty6.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty7.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty3.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty4.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty2.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty1.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty15.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty16.png
 photo LoudmouthLifestyleSummerParty5.png

Outfit details:
Shorts - Target
Glasses - Warby Parker
Necklace, bracelet, tank - Ann Taylor
Top - secondhand, from a friend
Socks - I don't remember
Sneakers - Ross

This was the first time in over a week that I busted out the DSLR and I'm so glad I did. The only people I knew at this party were the host (Felipe) and the friend I brought (Jacquelyn) but after a few drinks, everyone was down for a photo op. This might have been one of the last shindigs of the season, so it had to be properly documented. I can't believe August is coming to a close; summer always goes by too fast.

Of course, here in LA, we're lucky enough to get an extension of this season. The weather probably won't start cooling down until November, and I'm totally okay with that.
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