Friday, August 16, 2013

Loves :: The Cutest Phone Cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-5.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-7.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-8.jpg

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-1.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-2.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-3.png

 photo samsung-galaxy-s3-phone-case-4.png

I only just got a smart phone less than a year ago, and I'm obsessed. My case is starting to fall apart, however, and it's not looking too cute right now. I'm torn between the options above -- there are so many pretty ones out there! Can you tell that I love Disney? Haha, I'm really leaning towards that Totoro case. Have you seen the movie? Adorbs.

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