Thursday, August 29, 2013

Loves :: Dreams of Palm Springs

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Photo credits:
Rubyellen of My Cakies
Design East of La Brea
Tyler Branch Photo
Fine Art America
Patricia of Patricia Gray Inc
Elsie of Everyday Elsie
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Palm Springs Photo Blog
Networlding Circles

From the day I set off for LA back in 2009, I became a restless, adventurous travel bug. Since then, I've visited Las Vegas, San Diego, and Santa Barbara several times. One place I've never been is Palm Springs, even though it's less than two hours east. It seems quirky, fun, and pretty -- not to mention full of good food, drinks, shopping and art. I suppose I've just been waiting until I can afford to stay at the colorful Saguaro or hipster Ace, but after some quick research I've found cheaper options on Airbnb. It's not impossible to make this a quick weekend trip for under $100, and what can I say -- I like a challenge.
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