Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lurk :: Summertime Fine Shorts

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I go through a lot of fashion phases, it seems. In middle school I attempted the preppy Abercrombie look that the rich kids' parents bought them, but quickly realized it wasn't me. I wore nothing but baggy jeans + band tees in high school, preferably in dark colors (while listening to lots of Green Day + Fall Out Boy). Then in college I branched out and started wearing more skirts + dresses, plus an array of tights + leggings to go with. It was super cutesy and included many headbands donned with ribbons, flowers and lace. At that point I started getting into vintage and thrift and reading/writing blogs.

Within the past year I've gravitated back towards the edgy style I possessed as a teen, but now it's more urban hip-hop than poppy punk rock, with a matured flair to boot. All of these sides of me make up who I am, but I think it's perfectly okay to drift in and out of certain comfort zones. In the end, I just wear what I want, and I don't let anyone else decide what looks good -- but I'm still endlessly inspired by others.

Though I've always been a shorts-lover, my passion for them has been recently reignited thanks to Katie, Emily, Elsie, Tieka, Emma, Jessie, Izzy, Andrea, Maria, Kendi, Keiko, and Rubyellen! Who are you lurking lately? Tweet me some links! I'm having a relaxed evening in. :)

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